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BAIF’s Wadi Model bears fruit for small farmers

This integrated farming technique increases farmers' food and income security and protects them from the effects of climate change.
on Nov 26, 2015

Can India achieve its dream of Corporate Sustainability, Clean Energy and Green Infra?

A World Bank study conducted last year found that environmental degradation resulting from natural disasters, deforestation and water/air pollution cost Ind...
on Nov 25, 2015

5 short films from the world’s largest social filmmaking challenge

YES! I am the CHANGE is a nationwide movement to ‘inspire, engage and empower’ youth to engage in India’s social transformation through films.
on Nov 25, 2015

SECMOL school – A place where children learn for life

Besides being sustainable in its functioning, SECMOL School equips its students with all the skills needed to solve real problems they face daily.
on Nov 25, 2015

Select tweets from our #ForwardFashion Tweetchat with Bhu:sattva

The Alternative partnered with Bhu:sattva for a tweetchat to discuss the global fashion industry and whether it is important for us to care about what we we...
on Nov 24, 2015

[Beauty of Recycling] How Industrial design in India could benefit from taking a Cradle to Cradle approach

If the polluter pays principle is enforced more stringently by the government, then industries will be pushed into exploring the Cradle to Cradle (C2C) appr...
on Nov 24, 2015