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[Video] How NOT to lose friends and alienate people, as told by IIT Bombay’s LGBTQ group

The fresher orientation video by IIT Bombay students explores their friendships as gay, straight, bi-sexual, lesbian and transgender individuals.
on Jul 30, 2015

Sad news about Cecil the lion on International Tiger Day

An American dentist Walter Palmer killed 13-year-old Cecil the lion of Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe with a bow and arrow.
on Jul 29, 2015

From sewage to new age: Experiencing zen in a nullah garden of Pune

Ever imagined that a garden could be developed across a nullah?
on Jul 29, 2015

What’s better than taking a selfie? Having a hobby…in a box

Life is a like a box full of hobbies. You never know what you're gonna get.
on Jul 29, 2015

14 books to help your child find beauty in everyone

A list of children books that sensitively and in fun and colourful ways address topics and help children see beauty in everything around them.
on Jul 29, 2015

[Expert talk] Shedding light on the dark world of fairness creams

The Alternative spoke to Dr. Chetali Samant on the growing rage for fairness products, associated risks and on how consumers can make safer product choices.
on Jul 28, 2015