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Poll Results: What actions in your opinion will alleviate the issue of drug abuse in India?

Last week, we asked you about the underrated problem of drug abuse and trafficking in our country. Here's what the poll results say.
on Jul 4, 2014

EntrepreNeo: Opinion Nigeria, sounding the voice of young Nigeria

Lending voice to the voiceless people of Nigeria is what Opinion Nigeria, Nigeria's number one public opinion platform, tries to do.
on Apr 7, 2014

Why trying to read someone’s mind is mostly a pointless exercise

Trying to read a person's mind could land you in trouble. Distorted thoughts like these can lead to a miserable life. It is better to challenge them and lea...
on Nov 5, 2015

How experiencing post-partum depression changed my view of a ‘perfect mom’

I've realized that as moms, our biggest mistake is to try and fit into the socially accepted role of the perfect mom---one who sacrifices everything for the...
on Oct 16, 2015

Bang bang, my baby got me down

Many new mothers experience baby blues with inexplicable crying bouts, anxiety and mood swings that can last for up to two weeks or more after childbirth.
on Oct 15, 2015

How McDonald’s is saving many trucks of water, one waterless urinal at a time

Indians use 2 billion gallons of water everyday to flush. And here's how McDonald's is trying to do its bit, starting with its washrooms.
on Oct 6, 2015