About The Alternative.in

Of course the climate change apocalypse is upon us, forests are shrinking, green cover is depleting, sub-cultures are being threatened, development is mostly unequal and our taps are running dry. The question is – can we do something about it? Can we do it everyday? And most importantly, are we going to enjoy it?


Yes, yes and yes! is what we are saying  – saving the world can be more fun than you think.


At The Alternative, we strive to make sustainability a way of life through conversations, everyday choices and practices that can lend itself to positive social impact. From food, travel and parenting to social innovation and issues of public interest, we cover everything that it takes to move towards better living, better business and better societies. Not to mention the occasional furry cat video to give the whole thing a shot in the arm.


It isn’t about what we “ought to do” so that the planet can survive, but what we would “like to do” – for ourselves, for our children, for our health, for our interests and passions and for that unique incredible experience that makes perfect sense to our today as much as it does for our tomorrow.


Our goal is to get people thinking, discussing and doing. And we can see it working: we are India’s largest magazine on sustainable living and social change. Our platform today is powered by over 500 contributors (and growing) from across professions and age groups who are taking action everyday – engaged citizens, school and college students, parents, artists, entrepreneurs, businesses, corporates, non-profits and policy makers.


We are an online magazine, we run events and we talk to kids in schools.


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Born to and raised by Sattva, The Alternative is based in Bangalore, the Garden City, with readers, writers and champions engaging with us from around the globe. We create compelling content for our dinners.