Aditi Mathur

Aditi Mathur

Co-Founder and Trainer at amable and Co-Founder and faculty at Aarohi An Architect and Interior Designer by education, I am an organizer, a creator and a person who naturally gets along with kids. I specialize in designing and creating resources for children. I enjoy creating/ designing environment for children. I am a keen learner and learn by observing others. I constantly work on change in me - I bring change in my lifestyle, thinking and env...
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How to address gender bias with your kids

Breaking gender stereotypes with kids can be a challenge. Here are a few ways you can subtly make your kids sensitive to gender bias.
on Jul 29, 2014

Sex education: Talking beyond the physical act

Aditi Mathur says that sex education and talking to your kids needs to be a more inclusive topic, and not just about how babies are born.
on Jul 22, 2014