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Are child pornography and incest open to definitio...

"I used to have a clear stand against child pornography until one of the members in a discussion asked the definition of ‘child’. Was I about to g...
on Feb 13, 2014

Sexual harassment: The job requirement that shalt ...

Instead of searching for perverted details of the case and the identity of the victim, let's ask if there's an anti-sexual harassment at workplace mec...
on Nov 25, 2013

Elections 2014: Ladies and Gentlemen, your Governm...

Amitabh Kumar implores you to stay focused for the next general elections and keep our Government accountable towards the Nirbhaya Fund and ensure tha...
on Sep 18, 2013

We the ill-informed protesting people

There is no point being out on the street, waving posters, getting hit in a protest or ranting on Twitter, if one does not know why one is doing it.
on Apr 26, 2013

The tragedy of India’s romeos

In a country of romeos looking for love, we are often beholden to ‘The Rules’.
on Feb 14, 2013

Kahat Kabir: मेरी जीवन पर क...

मैं द्वितीय कक्षा मैं था जब मैंने पहली बार कबीर दस के दोहो...
on Jan 4, 2013

9.15 p.m.

[Voices Against Violence] "I work for an NGO and we help rape victims on a daily basis. But somehow justice seems like a far-fetched dream"
on Dec 21, 2012

Am I the new urban man?

[Voices Against Violence] Move beyond the insecurities embedded in the “mancession.”
on Dec 8, 2012