Ayeesha Khanna

Ayeesha Khanna

An engineer by fluke, an artist by choice and a writer by default, Ayeesha finds herself in her happy place in the arms of a good book and coffee. With a published short love story being the only feather in her cap, she's been putting together parts of herself in her blog, ( http://lazyandtheoverthinker.wordpress.com/ ) hoping to assemble them into a novel someday. She also wants her own Wiki page. Soon.

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We need to keep our garbage out of our backyards

Landfills continue to be overused and stuffed with garbage, even though they've outlived their lifespans. india needs a better waste management soluti...
on Sep 12, 2014

Get henna-pecked for good health

That henna you just put on your hands at your cousins wedding helps you a lot more than just making you look good!
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Changing the heart of the bully behind the screen

With incidents of cyberbullying on the rise, a 14-year-old girl has devised one of the most effective ways to prevent it from spreading even more.
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The Green Shopper: Go from junk to funk with Green...

Shop at Green The Gap, and you'll not just be part of the upcycling-recycling chain of sustainability—you'll be creating job opportunities!
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Music therapy for autism can help change lives

Here's how music therapy can help people with autism connect with people and social environments around them.
on Aug 8, 2014

‘Sister’ is the documentary about mate...

Maternal health is a concern that needs to be addressed, especially in countries where maternal death rates are high.
on Aug 6, 2014

Our New Roots: A taste of fine Indian leather craf...

Nappa Dori and its Sultanpur artisans have an exquisitely handcrafted Indian answer to the LVs that have occupied popular leather imagination in India...
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16 reasons to get yourself to eat food that contai...

While we may have become accustomed to certain Western cuisine in our daily routines, here's why we should keep Indian spices in our diet.
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Waste Management and Composting crazy person, addicted to sports and books. She ...

A software developer by profession and dreamer rest of the time, I'm trying to c...

Dr. Gautam Bhan is a senior consultant for Curriculum Development and Policy and...

Swapna Kishore is a caregiver for a mother with dementia, and a volunteer for de...


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