Bhavani Ramesh

Bhavani Ramesh

Bhavani is a traveller by choice, a photographer by interest and a writer by desire. She crafts heritage walking tours around India for, blogs at & tweets @bhavan1

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Untravel: Why I’m glad I stayed at Anegudi inste...

While the main town of Hampi may hog the limelight, it's little sister town, Anegudi, deserves just as much attention while visiting Hampi.
on Mar 11, 2015

Karnala Fort – A trek to 1,500 feet above Mu...

While trekking to Maharashtra's Karnala Fort, you might want to save the snacking for after the climb than before. Here's why.
on Sep 10, 2014

Madras மணம்: 6 things you probably didn...

You may have lived here for years, but there's a good chance you don't know these things about Chennai!
on Aug 26, 2014

[PhotoStop] The emerging wallflowers of street art...

Unlike countries where street art is infamous, public walls in India get commissioned facelifts by artists working with Government authorities.
on Jun 20, 2014

Where did the wall graffiti at Fort Kochi come fro...

In India, Graffiti is far from rebellion; artists are invited by city corporations to paint their walls. In Fort Kochi, it's different.
on May 22, 2014

The pyaus of an erstwhile Bombay

While the sale of mineral water bottles goes up today, Mumbai once sprawled with fountains or pyaus with an unlimited supply of cool water.
on Apr 4, 2014

The two deaths of Kilkattalai lake in Chennai

Rampant dumping of construction debris, garbage and encroachment have reduced Kilkattalai Lake to a grimy version of the original oasis.
on Mar 31, 2014

6 water bodies in India with a story to tell

These water bodies in India do not promise the blue of Pangong or the translucence of the Andaman sea but will still leave you awed.
on Mar 25, 2014

Untravel Festival Special: Dreaming at Purushwadi

Bhavani Ramesh tells us how Grassroutes has managed to create a sustainable, eco-friendly camp at Purushwadi, Maharashtra.
on Sep 18, 2013

Weekend Getaways: The Hideout

Hemant, who runs The Hide Out in Jhadpoli, doesn't use eco-friendliness as a tool to get people curious, he actually breathes it.
on May 24, 2013

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