Chetana Kulkarni

Chetana Kulkarni

I am an unschooling mother of a free spirited four year old, on a learning and unlearning journey. I am involved in raising awareness on natural childbirth, advocacy on women's and children's birthing rights, breastfeeding, helping families make informed decisions.

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Voices: Why are we body shaming our children?

"By shaming children, we only reinforce the conditioning most of us are subjected to. To not trust our feelings about our bodies or ourselves."
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In the last 2 decades, child mortality has decreased by about 47%, but 7 million still die preventable deaths. Here's where breastfeeding helps.
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Finding it difficult to get your children to read no matter how colourful or crafty they are? Kitaab Ka Khel is a great way to encourage them.
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Addressing the many pre-conceived notions about the “ill-effects” of not sending a child to school, by a homeschooling parent.
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I was fast asleep. Something soft was pressing against my face. I tried to brush it away, only to realize that it was my daughter’s stomach. Her hea...
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