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Deepa Padmanaban

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Read With Me: 10 Children’s books on diversi...

In spite of the sheer diversity of our country, disparity and differences, especially in urban areas, are leading to growing intolerance and prejudice...
on Aug 28, 2013

Documentary Review: When Shankar Nag Comes Asking

When Shankar Nag Comes Asking, by Sushma Veerappa, chronicles the transformation of Bangalore through the eyes of the auto rickshaw drivers.
on Mar 15, 2013

Creative arts uncover children’s talents

With the plethora of opportunities opening up for children today, are schools discovering children's talent beyond books?
on Feb 18, 2013

The Great Indian Road Trip

The inspiring scenery and the long ride is the perfect time to reflect and introspect on life- the biggest and most important journey.
on Dec 12, 2012

Who really benefits from tourism?

Interview with Aditi Chanchani of Equations, a non profit organization that studies the impact of tourism in the interest of the rights and benefits o...
on Nov 1, 2012