Dipanjana Ghosh

Dipanjana Ghosh

Hailing from the city of joy Kolkata, Dipanjana is a soft skills and behavioral trainer. Her job allows her to interact with several professionals across levels offering an insight to diverse thought processes, her daily dose of learning. She has been involved with social work for a while, ranging from projects with the British Council to the Teach India program. In her words, Contributing in my own small way gives me a good night sleep and a dee...
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A guide to pandal hopping during Durga Puja

Food, friends adda and of course pandal hopping. Make your plans well and this pujo you might just be able to see it all!
on Oct 19, 2012

From Abala to Sabala

Save the Sarojini Naidus and the Annie Besants, how many more have we heard or read about? Who then were these women? Were there any from Karnataka?
on Apr 27, 2012

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