Elita A

Elita A

Elita hasn’t looked back since that day she travelled solo for the first time. She has since travelled around India and to Bhutan by herself as well as with groups (making friends out of strangers). For her, writing and blogging about her travels are not only a form of expression to be shared with everyone else but also an opportunity to relive her travels once more, albeit through words. Find her on Twitter and Instagram @NomadicThunker and bl...

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#Untravel: There’s so much more to Chanderi ...

Steeped into Indian history and culture, visiting Chanderi will blow you you away with its beautiful architecture that has been very well preserved.
on Jan 8, 2015

The purpose of travel: unlearn, relearn, untravel

What really is the difference between tourist and a traveler? The author voices her opinion on the subject, and how to be traveler and not a tourist.
on Nov 14, 2014