Gautam Bhan

Gautam Bhan

Dr. Gautam Bhan is a senior consultant for Curriculum Development and Policy and Advisory Services at the Indian Institute for Human Settlements – India’s first prospective National University for Research and Innovation addressing the challenges of urbanisation through an integrated programme of education, research, consulting and advisory services. He is an active part of urban social movements as well as a frequent columnist and writer in...
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Verdict 377: Gautam Bhan – “This is our li...

"Do you know what’s daunting, it is that moment when you are 15 and you are terrified of who you are. If we have survived that, the Supreme Court do...
on Dec 13, 2013

Seven Propositions and One Challenge from Ejipura

Seven quick propositions on how to understand these evictions, how to respond in the immediate and near-term.
on Jan 26, 2013

The (Auto)Rakshasa and the Citizen

Change India's auto harassment campaign begs discussion about how we articulate political questions in our cities.
on Jun 14, 2012