Ing-Marie Putka

Ing-Marie Putka

An environmental writer and educator, Ing-Marie is deeply inspired toward personal and planetary sustainability, and all of the work she engages in reflects this inspiration. Originally from the USA, she has felt fortunate to call India "home" since 2005, and offers a unique, cross-cultural perspective on all things green. Committed to living the change, you can often catch Ing-Marie riding her cycle, engaging in a discussion on solid waste manag...

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Malabar River Festival 2014 Returns to Kerala!

The second annual Malabar River Festival is being held in Kerala this year, July 25-27.
on Jun 18, 2014

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While temperatures might be at its peak in Central India, this is the best time to visit our friends in the wilderness of Ranthambore and Chattisgarh.
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AmrutDhara's ‘Water Without Waste’ campaign aims at behaviour change in people while providing a sustainable alternative to bottled water.
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Drowning in summer time sadness in the South? Ditch the tickets to fly up North and try out these options for water sports in South India.
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Adventure on the Ganga minus the footprint

With endless rows of canvas tents lined on the once untouched river banks of Rishikesh, adventure trips have turned crude and commercial.
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Ing-Marie Putka tells us how the Malabar River Festival helps set an example of how a travel festival, with all its hordes and multitudes, can be gree...
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