Makepeace Sitlhou

Makepeace Sitlhou

Makepeace is a freelance writer and a make believe selfie model. She formerly served as a Community Editor at The Alternative and now works with an international non profit in Bangalore. The only kind of marathons she loves are the ones on the idiot box. Follow her at @makeysitlhou

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Kut Festival: A way to break free from the Anti-No...

The recent rise in racist crimes against people from North East India could be stemmed by including the general public in fests like the Kut Festival.
on Nov 6, 2014

The Career Woman – Why women don’t nee...

Should women strive to succeed in what is so rigidly defined as a man's world or should they strive to do so in their own terms and change the rules a...
on Aug 22, 2014

As fans chant ‘Neymar’, Brazilians pro...

As the FIFA World Cup opens to a glittering start, angry local Brazilians are taking to the streets, saying "Our Cup Is On The Street."
on Jun 13, 2014

Tweet-a-thon: What are the #thingsyoucanlivewithou...

On World Environment Day, tweeple shared all the 'the s**t that we don't need' using the hashtag #thingsyoucanlivewithout.
on Jun 6, 2014

KCDC: How waste has gotten better of the composter

The village locals and apartment residents at Somasundarapalya have been protesting to shut KCDC down. But what will happen to their wet waste then?
on Jun 6, 2014

From blog to reel: Shooting the story of an Oxford...

Prathamesh Krisang talks about making a movie inspired by a blog on militancy in the North East and what he discovered in the process.
on May 29, 2014

Halanayakanahalli: A case of 3 disappeared lakes

Save our lakes: The most recent discovery of 3 lakes in Halanayakanahalli have residents teaming up to restore it to its old glory.
on Apr 11, 2014

[Viewpoint] My daughter strongest, says Malala You...

Behind the bravery and determination of Malala Yousafzai is her father, Ziauddin, standing close and mentoring her free soul.
on Mar 28, 2014

10 must watch films from the SCRIPT International ...

What sets SCRIPT apart from other film festivals is its well blended focus on the art of filmmaking and the social message it carries within.
on Mar 10, 2014

Video: This qtiyapa is the best satire on Verdict ...

There's more meat in this video than any of the arguments made by the Supreme Court.
on Mar 8, 2014