Meera Ramanathan

Meera Ramanathan

Meera Ramanathan is a freelance writer dabbling in food, cinema and travel. She lives in Connecticut while maintaining roots in Chennai and is often caught in the immigration melodrama. She blogs ardently at

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[Desi Diaries] Shukriya, thank you, merci, or dank...

[Desi Diaries] For an immigrant child, being bilingual is better for brain development, the family, economic prospects, and their entire identity.
on Jan 6, 2015

Going green, the grandma way

We'd do well to learn from our parents and grandparents—they were going green before it was cool!
on Aug 27, 2014

East Vs West: Of keeping a superpower’s ener...

India's energy consumption is on the rise. At this rate, how will it sustain itself against climatic change and the race to superpower?
on Jun 6, 2014

East vs. West: The skewed consumption from farm to...

With an ongoing debate on sustainability of organic farming, seasonal and local produce trumps the organic formula to healthy consumption.
on May 2, 2014

East Vs West – Addressing the real and impending...

An analysis of the water crisis in Western developed nations with efficient public systems and India's disappearing traditional systems.
on Mar 26, 2014

East Vs West – The paper recycling trail

India consumes just 3% of paper globally and recycles 20% of the paper it consumes, whereas the US recycles upwards of 60%.
on Mar 6, 2014

Desi Diaries: The Indian culture conundrum

Whether we shy away from it or wear it proud on our sleeve, Indian culture always has and always will find a way to manifest itself in our lifetime. M...
on Oct 4, 2013

My parenting journey with books: Reading to my son

Reading is really important to me and my family. While we started our journey with books with apprehension it has become the most sought after activit...
on Aug 17, 2013

The magic of Margazhi

Margazhi is the divine month when music and mythology intersect.
on Dec 22, 2012