Asha Vishwanathan

Asha Vishwanathan

An IT Professional for more than a decade, Asha Vishwanathan is rediscovering her artistic callings in life. Asha is a blogger, painter, is passionate about sustainable living and environmental conservation, is mom to a 7-year-old and wife to a technologist cum birder. She blogs at:
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We can’t change the way we live just because the...

Save Water! Save Electricity! Save this! Save that! Doesn’t the water gush out of my taps 24 hours a day? Where's the shortage?
on Mar 27, 2014

Femicide: The silent genocide taking place in Indi...

About 200 million female fetuses have been killed, aborted or abandoned through deliberates acts of extermination. This is more than all the casualti...
on Aug 8, 2013

Clearing the cobwebs of the mind

In a society, where a woman oscillates from being a Goddess to a slut, it becomes trying to maintain a balance. But liberation has to happen, and from...
on Jan 10, 2013

This rape culture concerns each one of us

[Voices Against Violence] Every instance of a gender stereotyped role lends to the overall psyche of a society which is geared to produce the so calle...
on Dec 22, 2012

A million dollar waste idea

What's the point of a democracy if you aren't given the freedom to spit, pee and dump wherever you want to?
on Dec 17, 2012