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Mindful eating: How the food you consume affects y...

“Food and mental health is not something most people think about consciously. Be rest assured, it is significant. "
on Oct 28, 2015

Google Science Fair: Indian-origin teens who took ...

Coming from diverse backgrounds, these brilliant Indian-origin teens prove that age is just a number.
on Oct 15, 2015

In GE’s dramatic growth in the clean energy ...

The story of a multi-million dollar company that took an orthogonal turn from being one of the world's worst pollutants to one of the greenest.
on Oct 15, 2015

How McDonald’s is saving many trucks of wate...

Indians use 2 billion gallons of water everyday to flush. And here's how McDonald's is trying to do its bit, starting with its washrooms.
on Oct 6, 2015

The Kitchen Gardener: How Harish Mysore grew his &...

Kitchen Gardener Harish Mysore talks about how his four decade long tryst with gardening.
on Oct 6, 2015

Feel free to stand and pee with Pee-Buddy

Every woman has at some time or another thought: “How I wish I could pee standing up.”
on Oct 1, 2015

The 2nd wheel revolution: Smart and eco-friendly e...

Ather Energy's eco-friendly electric scooter curbs air and noise pollution while making sure you don't spend a fortune on fuel.
on Sep 25, 2015

Vat Vrikshya empowers Adivasi women with sustainab...

Vat Vrikshya empowers marginalised Adivasi women with sustainable livelihood opportunities, leading to broad-based social change.
on Sep 23, 2015

10 technological innovations that are revolutioniz...

These enterprises are revolutionizing Indian agriculture with technological innovations, making farming more sustainable and profitable for farmers.
on Sep 14, 2015

A digital platform for reading and learning in one...

Storyweaver hosts stories and gives you access to 800 books in languages from all across the world that you can print, translate and even sell.
on Sep 8, 2015