Sandhya Sourirajan

Sandhya Sourirajan

I am a nature enthusiast, traveler, gardener and blogger, harbouring crazy dreams of a Clean India.

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Different Wali Diwali: People who made the festiva...

Here’s a sneak peek at how people from different parts of India celebrated an eco-friendly and socio-conscious Diwali.
on Nov 12, 2015

Chennai Coastal Cleanup volunteers cleared up 29 t...

The sixth edition of Chennai Coastal Cleanup saw 5,500 people cleaning up 20km of coastline and collect 29 tons of waste, 16 tons of which will be rec...
on Jun 16, 2015

4 things you should be doing in Chennai for the an...

This year, Chennai Coastal Cleanup will collect 50 tons of waste from 20km of the coastline! It is not just an event. It is the beginning of a new lif...
on Jun 2, 2015

Are you ready to take up the #NoPlasticChallenge?

As part of Chennai Trekking Club's efforts to clean up the coastline, you are challenged to avoid plastics in your day-to-day life for 5 days. Game?
on May 25, 2015