Saurabh Mehra

Saurabh Mehra

A Delhi wala by heart, Saurabh Mehra has been working with AirJaldi in Dharamsala for the past one year. AirJaldi believes in empowering communities through wireless connectivity.
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Taking high speed internet to the country side

Marketing high speed internet in small and remote villages might be tough but nowhere else do you find the best kind of satisfied customers.
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Where necessity is the mother of all jugaads

From internet enabling an NGO to work on community education to online classrooms, bringing reliable resources is the key to sustainable development i...
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Using wireless sensors to solve Himachal Pradesh&#...

How we used wireless sensor networks in Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh, to solve the water problem in the hills.
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What I learnt from taking WiFi to the hills

Saurabh Mehra of Air Jaldi talks about the important insights he gathered on rural marketing while selling broadband to villagers.
on Oct 30, 2012