Upasana Sharma

Upasana Sharma is a student of NPS, Indiranagar currently studying in grade 12. Her passions involve reading, writing, debating, and volunteering. Her favourite authors include, Khaled Hosseini, John Green, JK Rowling, and T.S. Eliot. She also believes literature is the best thing to have happened to mankind.
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[Student Voices] Everywoman: Don’t put me on...

How do you celebrate growing up in a society that tell you what to wear and what not to, how to walk, how to dress and how to live?
on Mar 18, 2014

Student Voices: Donate an organ, gift a life

"To know that you will save a life someday. You will change a young person’s world, and you will live forever because you made that choice today."
on Aug 5, 2013

Student Voices: We are too busy to read nowadays

"I had always imagined that paradise will be a kind of library"
on Jun 11, 2013

Student Voices: We need to stop worshiping Cricket

The ongoing corruption scandals in the Indian Premier League should make us realize that it is about time we gave other sports their due.
on May 24, 2013