Urvashi Sarkar (@urvashisarkar on Twitter) has been a city correspondent with The Hindu for two years, covering education in Indian universities and civil aviation. A graduate of print media journalism from The Asian College of Journalism, Chennai, Urvashi has freelanced for news publications like The Times of India and Meri News. She is currently pursuing her Masters in International Politics from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi.

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Wikipedia, Bhanwari Devi, and the need for an aler...

Wrongful insertions in Bhanwari Devi's Wikipedia page aimed at discrediting the Dalit activist, to whom we owe the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workp...
on Jul 2, 2014

A palate full of ol’ Delhi streets

A food walk through the bustling streets of Old Delhi is a sensorial experience of another level. Delhi Food Walks took taste buds from spicy, sweet t...
on Jul 2, 2013

Irom Sharmila’s right to protest

Protests can take on many forms, ranging from Gandhian methods to more violent techniques. Why has Irom Sharmila's protest been criminalized?
on Mar 14, 2013

Living in the city of fear

[Voices Against Violence] The young are supposed to be fearless. But I find myself to be a mass of fear.
on Dec 18, 2012

Dr. Sam Pitroda: We need a new development model w...

Sustainable development and inclusive growth are the two growth challenges for Indian, report from the 3rd Subir Raha Memorial Lecture
on Nov 12, 2012

Eating guide to Pujos in the Capital

A Delhi guide to where the Bengali palettes can be teased and satisfied this festive season.
on Oct 23, 2012