Usha Hariprasad

Usha Hariprasad is a freelance writer. She is fond of travelling, discovering new places and writes about travel related destinations around Bangalore at Citizen Matters.

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Do you recognize these eco-labels?

Here are the various eco-label certifications that exist today for the different products that we own. How many do you recognize?
on Jun 28, 2014

Our Green Storey: A flood of water management wisd...

Notes from dealing with private tankers and sewage to portability, water metering, and more water management stories from Bangalore apartments.
on Jun 25, 2014

People Like Us: There is nothing new about Sudha I...

A vociferous activist at a local level, Sudha Iyer's talks to The Alternative about living and proclaiming sustainability in her daily life.
on Jun 24, 2014

People Like Us: Parvathi Subramaniam on the extrao...

From cumin seeds that drive bugs away to essential oil refreshers, school teacher Parvathi Subramaniam shares a few handy tips to natural living.
on Jun 20, 2014

People Like Us: Zainab Tambawala on unpacking life

An illustrator of children's books, and mom of two, Zainab Tambawala believes sustainability starts from a need to look at one's own life.
on Jun 17, 2014

People Like Us: Anita Balasubramaniam on putting a...

"Be mindful. Pick an area you wish to change in your life and create a practical, feasible routine you can follow everyday."
on Jun 13, 2014

People Like Us: Claire Rao and the art of wasting ...

Claire Rao defines sustainability as "living within our ecological limits and creating less impact on the environment in all our daily activities."
on Jun 10, 2014

Want to track every special moment? Here are 5 wea...

Wear your life on your sleeve! These wearable devices that can help you chronicle your life, bit by bit, and pixel by pixel.
on Jun 4, 2014

Bangalore’s Greenest Homes: The Dutt’s...

Everything in the Five Seasons House bursts with the promise of sustainable living that nourishes the earth, home and self.
on May 17, 2014

50 Days of Summer: 7 hacks for a water wise garden...

Afraid your roses would wilt in the harsh summer? Try these innovative hacks - from soil prep to pitcher irrigation, for a water wise garden.
on Apr 10, 2014

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