Video Volunteers

Video Volunteers

Video Volunteers is an international media and human rights organization that equips women and men in underdeveloped areas with critical thinking, creative, activist and video journalism skills, enabling entire communities to expose under-reported stories from their communities and take action to right the wrongs.

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Fighting for the right to potable water in rural I...

Mamata Patra describes the daunting distances she travelled and different women she encountered as she claimed a community's right to potable water.
on Mar 25, 2015

Coal mining blasting is literally shaking things u...

Lohandia village in Jharkhand has almost been reduced to shambles after Eastern Coalfieds Limited's blasting in close proximity to the village.
on Jan 22, 2015

Few teachers and no toilets in Bihar’s gover...

The only middle school in Bihar's Gaunaha Block has 365 students, a pitiable teacher-student ratio, and zero toilets.
on Jan 6, 2015

One woman shows how bridging the gap between Angan...

Community Correspondent Dina works with the reclusive Baiga tribe and, in this interview, shows how she brought water for 35 children in an anganwadi.
on Nov 7, 2014

Villagers in Uttar Pradesh are literally paving th...

VV-PACS Community Correspondent Mahesh Kumar intervention helped get a gravel road built, which directly benefited 500 people.
on Jul 30, 2014

I’ll set up your electricity connection, but won...

Two years ago, Singhjor was given an electricity connection, but no measures have been taken to allow residents to actually receive electricity.
on Jul 7, 2014

Is displacement a necessary evil for development?

Three villages in West Champaran Bihar are protesting as their homes get taken away for the construction of a massive road along the Indo-Nepal borde...
on Jun 24, 2014

Sketchy houses

The Indira Awaas Yojana is a 1985 Indian government welfare programme created to provide housing for the rural underprivileged in India.
on Jun 16, 2014

4 teachers for 1,500 students in Uttar Pradesh gov...

In Uttar Pradesh, there is a shortage of 39,000 at the primary level while in the neighbouring state Bihar it is 220,000.
on May 21, 2014

Garbage & Goa: Assagao Fire

The latest in a series of garbage related problems for Goa comes from Assagao where an illegal garbage dump has been on fire since Jan '14.
on May 13, 2014

Kathyayini Chamaraj is a freelance journalist based in Bangalore who has been wr...

Maya Ganesh is a sustainability practitioner, socio-environmental educator, rese...

Advocate Sandhya Raju is CRY partner and director of Socio Legal Information Cen...

Anusha Bharadwaj is a development professional since 2002 and heads VOICE 4 Girl...


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