Vijay Nambiar

Vijay Nambiar

An interior designer, traveller, a sport's freak and a self-proclaimed activist propagating everything from wildlife conservation to sustainable design, Vijay has been spending his time trying to find the balance between the organized chaos of the city and the unorganized calm of the unknown. One of the co-founding volunteers of the Travellers Meet event in Bangalore, he can be found on @FeelFreeorFly on Twitter
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on Dec 18, 2013

Belonging to God’s own country

Kerala is known to value its ‘green’ wealth but a recent incident of a tiger shot by forest officials puts a question on this.
on Feb 14, 2013

Exploring an “Off-the-Grid’ existence

It was a weekend to get hands dirty - build a cob, sweat lodge, stove - explore sustainable off-the-grid living by actually building stuff.
on Jan 8, 2013