Be a campus reporter

As an online publication focused on sustainable living and social change, an important part of our focus is youngsters – who are actively thinking, discussing, working on and influencing the effort towards a better world with their voices. And we at The Alternative have been working in different capacities with college and school students to give a platform to these voices.


We are actively seeking submissions to our Student Voices section.


What can you write under Student Voices?


Personal Histories

Whether it is that one off incident that rattled you or a pattern of socio-political trends that have influenced your life experiences, tell us about it.

Video Commentaries

Viewpoint: A 50 word commentary on that droll video (animation, short documentary, television commercial or public service announcement) that is totally share worthy or an uncool video that put you off for sending out messages detrimental to the society and environment.

A list of nearly everything

Lists: We’re all guilty of spending way too much time looking at infinitely addictive lists of lazy cats and silly dogs (Here’s our favourite) or the trials and tribulations of twenty somethings. But we also love making lists using GIFs and referencing movies and pop culture for topics like movies with strong social messages, understanding different abilities like autism, responsible travel and gender, just to name a few.


Photo Stories

For those who can say more with pictures than words. The Alternative has always focused more on the depth of the photos and the stories they tell than the portfolio of the photographer or his/her Photoshop abilities. Whether you are an amateur or a person with a Facebook page in your name, we look for sharp images, a captivating style of storytelling and in-depth lens on pertinent topics and issues concerning society, culture and environment.

Campus Buzz

Campus Reporting: Nobody understands better than us how life on campus is far more interesting than sitting in a cubicle and staring at an excel sheet. You’d be our eyes and ears on what is happening at every nook and corner, at festivals and report on the voices and opinions of your student faculty on issues plaguing the education system, society or the country.

What do you get out of this?

Apart from your views and stories being read by a few lakh visitors every month and influencing their thoughts, opinions and action:

1. A mature audience of parents, changemakers, policymakers, experts and practitioners in various fields to read your views and debate with you, not withstanding how cluttered or empty your CV may be.
2. When people Google search your name (in all likelihood, you’ll be the first one to), your author page in The Alternative would be the first page result. This means your credibility as a student, citizen or a potential candidate for that cushy or adventurous job just got a lot more solid.
3. As a writer, if you’ve written consistently for us or your article has been the most read, shared or the Editor’s Pick, you get the chance to be featured in The Alternative as our designated ‘Campus Reporter’, your profile and story featured, media access to high profile and exclusive events, a chance to travel, to interview industry experts and celebrities, attend our workshops or get heavy discounts on any events or offers that we have a sponsored partnership with.

4. As a formidable changemaker, we could also provide our expert consultancy and support in helping you design and execute a campaign for your campus or community.
5. Over a period of active engagement with us and exceptional work on the publication, you could work you way up to become our Campus Editor for your college – managing campus reporters, running editorial series and sections, maintaining a direct link with the administrative faculty and society heads to ensure a strong branding for The Alternative and a substantive coverage of local campaigns, issues and festivals.
6. With all these perks and more, you could become a commissioned and featured writer with us and your freelance gig could turn into a full time paid position, if we take a real shine to your hard work, creativity, ability to innovate and think on your feet.


The points system for Campus Writers/Reporters

Every writer on The Alternative earns cube points, which are essentially reward points based on the number of articles you’ve written and how well they have done on the website.

We internally manage this cube point system adding points to your author profile (you will receive a username and password once your article has been published) that you can view in the backend of the site.

Each article published gets you 20 points and if it becomes the ‘Most shared or read article of the week’, you get an additional 100 points to your score. You get 200 points if your article is one of the most popular articles of the month and 500 points if it is one of the ‘Editor’s Picks’.

– For student writers, 100 cube points will get you featured on our site as a ‘Campus Reporter’.
– 400 points will get you exclusively profiled on The Alternative and media access to high profile/paid events to cover for TA, our workshops in the city or those organized by our partners.
– In the next level, if you earn 2000 points gets you the opportunity to either:

a) Become a Campus Editor for The Alternative, where you would manage cub student reporters and plan campus series for the publication. A recommendation letter along with a certificate of a Campus Editor will be assured from us along with fruitful opportunities of representing TA on big platforms.

b) A Featured Commissioned Writer for The Alternative, where you can pitch an article/series (4-5 articles) to us and we pay you for the pieces we commission.


Not a writer or a photographer but still want to be actively involved with us? Do check out our internship program to see if we are looking for illustrators, campus campaign ambassadors, event volunteers, graphic designers, filmmakers or social media enthusiasts.