Can you blow up your last decade’s savings on a single meal? Apparently you can

A recently released infographic shows you the World’s most expensive food arranged as a meal re-defines lavish.

In the age of global Masterchef hunts and food world tours, that a meal can be a luxurious OTT indulgence is not hard to imagine. But USD 95,000 for a dinner? Well, from rare caviar sold in a 24-karat gold tin costing $25,000, to $7,000 elite steaks made from cows regularly massaged and raised on beer in Japan, and a $3,000 ham that comes with its own DNA certificate, it is very plausible that you can live extremely high on the hog!

Finances Online has done the math on food splurging and released an infographic on “The Most expensive food in the world” and man, is it bizarre.  Well, some of these foods have been made exclusively for charity, while others are expensive only because they are served in diamonds and gold. But there is still a category of foods that is incredulously hard to source and even harder to make and it can surely fill your stomach and empty your bank account at the same time.

To put this in perspective, 870 million people go chronically hungry in the world today, and the condition is only going to intensify with the rise in food prices, distribution that is not really equitable, and the fact that over 1/3rd of the food produced goes to waste.



Featured image courtesy: Kimberly Vardeman | Flickr

Aarti Mohan is the Chief editor of The Alternative. more


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Aarti Mohan is the Chief editor of The Alternative. more

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