Dell looks to revolutionize the IT industry by using recycled carbon fibre for its products

Dell will be recycling and reusing carbon fibre and moving to a circular economy model from a linear one to reduce its carbon footprint.

Dell, has partnered with Saudi Arabia-based supplier SABIC to recycle surplus carbon fiber and scrap raw materials into manufacturing new Dell products beginning in late 2015. The plan is to engineer select Latitude and Alienware products that will contain recycled carbon fiber initially, and then move on to expanding across these two product portfolios in 2016. Dell has estimated that they will prevent 820,000 pounds of carbon fiber from ending up in landfills as a result of their partnership with SABIC. How are the recycled carbon fiber materials different from virgin carbon fibre? Well, their carbon footprint is smaller by 11 percent.

The company has successfully recycled and reused 4.2 million pounds of plastic into making new Dell products – flat panel monitors and desktops, ever since the launch of its closed-loop (meaning that plastic from old electronics is being reused to create parts for new computers) recycled plastics supply chain in January 2014. The recycle process has been validated as the first closed-loop supply chain and certified by UL Environment.

Circular economy model from a liner model.

Circular economy model from a liner model.

What Dell has done is to build a foundation for the IT sector to move to a circular economy model from a linear one. Its long standing investments in making businesses more sustainable has put it at the forefront of leading the way into this massive shift. In alliance with the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation that has been agreed to by both parties to last for five years,  facilities will be created for dismantling computers, televisions and other electronics equipment in a way that’s safe for humans and the environment.

The Green Electronics Council has conferred the company with its “2015 Catalyst Award” to recognize Dell’s leadership in closed-loop recycled plastics manufacturing. Moreover, Dell has now become a part of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Circular Economy 100 program, to collaborate with businesses and industries who are following the same set of business ideologies.

Dell Inc. aims at reducing the amount of waste and by-productrs by recycling, reusing and seeking renewable alternatives wherever feasible.  The computer technology company has incorporated over 21 million pounds of recycled plastics from water bottles and CD cases as it strives towards its goal of using 50 million pounds of recycled materials by 2020.





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