Social Entrepreneurs – reformers “from below”

They are reformers with social mission because they find new, innovative solutions to long existing social or societal issues. We are talking about social entrepreneurs and social business entrepreneurs.

They are reformers with social mission because they find new, innovative solutions to long existing social or societal issues. We are talking about social entrepreneurs and social business entrepreneurs.

Social Entrepreneurs (Social entrepreneurs) want more than profit, they want to improve the world in the first place and the “bottom” – i.e., out from society. Social Entrepreneurs are people between Bill Gates and Mother Teresa, who recognize social problems and try to solve with innovative and creative business ideas. The unusual entrepreneurs involved where the state shortens aids or companies expect no profits. The reason for this commitment? Self-realization to connect with a mission. Perhaps the search for meaning and content – especially in their daily work.

Germany, India, Africa – Social entrepreneurs conquer the world

India is the opinion of Klaus Schwab, founder of the World Economic Forum and the sameSchwab Foundation to the countries where the most innovative social entrepreneurs are to be found. Many of the business models or simple technologies such as the Barefoot College has developed cost-effective alternative to collect rain water in schools and re-use are now exported all over the world. The Indian heart surgeon Devi Shetty is one of India’s most famous heart specialist and made possible with the help of his social business concept in his private clinic for the poor access to medical services. More than half of his patients he supplied below cost and sometimes even free.

But in Turkey, the USA, Brazil, Tanzania, and Germany, these unusual entrepreneurs put their ideas for a better world. The non-profit pharmaceutical company OneWorld Health develops, for example, cost medicines for diseases in order to distribute them throughout the world. Mainly in Africa is the Belgian engineer and social entrepreneur Bart Weetjens with his organization Apopo with rats in action against landmines. In Germany, entrepreneurs are active with social mission as the example of Gregory Hack Mack, co-founder of the shows. continues in Germany for more transparency in politics.

As part of the magazine Global 3000 reports the German wave over social entrepreneurs from around the world.

What makes a Social Entrepreneur?

The core of the mission of a social entrepreneur is to create a social added value. Here the main difference is a classic or socially responsible entrepreneur whose central mission regardless of social commitment, the profit is (more on socially responsible entrepreneurs in knowledge articles » Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) – The social responsibility of business “). By social entrepreneurs phenomena such as poverty or problems resulting from climate change and pollution, sustainable try to solve entrepreneurial manner, maximizing primarily the social benefits and not their own financial gain. Bury may behind social enterprises, both nonprofit and for-profit forms of organization.

William Drayton, who in 1980 founded the India Ashoka initiative, which is one of the early drivers of the movement of social entrepreneurship, defines a social entrepreneur as an entrepreneur who takes on the role of a reformer in the social sector by, inter alia:

  • pursues a mission that creates social value (not just private)
  • new ways and detects and uses to fulfill this mission,
  • the “process” continuously adapts and improves,
  • the necessary financial and material resources attracts.

Social Business – a solution with profitable model

Social Business Entrepreneurs also are committed to social change. However, the concept of “social business” goes one step further than that of the Social Entrepreneur. Social business is social problem solving with profitable model. The company’s profit is earned, not fall for shareholders or shareholder (as in a classical company of the case) but is reinvested to 100% for the social business goal. The company of a Social Business Entrepreneurs (also known as Social Business Enterprises’ (SBEs) refers) is usually a profit-oriented private enterprise form.

Muhammad Yunus, the father of the microfinance concept and founder of the Grameen Bank (learn more to microfinance concept in knowledge articles » Micro Finance – Financial services for small people “) was one of the founding of the Grameen Bank of the pioneers of social business.To him the concept of social business is recycled. For behind Yunus hides no volunteer social worker, but a for-profit business man with a social mission. Yunus calls this entrepreneur-type as “Social Business Entrepreneur” and characterized it as follows: “[He] is not interested in profit maximization. He is totally committed to make a difference in the world. He is socially-driven objective. He wants to give better chance in life to people. He wants to achieve achievement this objective through creating and supporting sustainable business enterprises.”

Social business does not only mean microfinance, such as the former investment banker Alicia Polak with her highly successful company Khaya Cookies shows. In the townships of Cape Town they produced with the aim of creating employment opportunities for unemployed women since 2006 pastries. Today, over 500 formerly unemployed women working in this company.corporations are also as social business entrepreneurs Akiv. One of the first major German corporations that went into social business, BASF was. The joint venture established specifically sells sachets containing vitamins and trace elements as dietary supplements and impregnated mosquito nets to protect against disease-carrying insects. The French group Danone operates since 2007 in collaboration with Grameen a social business in Bangladesh.

Social Entrepreneurship – A movement in motion

Especially in times of crisis, economic models are being questioned. And it seems that more and more people would strive for responsible business ideas.
A structural change through social entrepreneurship? but how do you finance entrepreneurs with a social mission? In addition to the Triodos Bank in this country promote only a few institutions such as the socially and ecologically oriented GLS Bank social enterprises. The fund Bonventure has specialized exclusively on the financing of social and ecologically valuable business ideas.

The Genisis Institute in Berlin is convinced that social business can be a new and expandable sector. Participants from all over the world have been meeting since 2008 on the Vision Summit – an annual international conference with the main focus on social business – with the vision to make social business to a new sector sector. was the first university in Germany, the University of Lüneburg has even a junior professorship for “Social Entrepreneurship” set up. The social entrepreneurship movement is in motion.

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RESET ( aims to use innovative technologies to develop new solutions that turn knowledge about sustainable development into effective action, thus making a sustainable future possible. more

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