What you should know (and can learn for free) on social entrepreneurship

Learn about social entrepreneurship and how to get your own social venture up and running, all for free, with this online resource.

Santhosh Ramdoss teaches the University of Oxford’s online course on social entrepreneurship and is an Independent strategy consultant for social change organizations.

Given that there is so much hype, yet so little information on setting up a social enterprises today, Santhosh decided to compile a set of basic resources on the topic. The resources are available online on SlideRule and are absolutely free.

learning path

Santhosh says the resources may not be a complete guide, but are extremely useful for a beginner who’s trying to get into the sector. The 20 hour course comprises lectures, workshop sessions and panel discussions, videos, and toolkits.

Social enterprises could be slightly different in different countries, so they been careful enough to flagged resources that are specific to certain countries. Given the dynamic nature of social enterprises, they are looking to keep it as an organic resource that will keep growing and changing.

Link: https://www.mysliderule.com/learning-paths/social-entrepreneurship/


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