[TA TV] Work With A Purpose: Divya Tiwari, on going from IT to environment sustainability

Transition to the vibrant, emerging space of environment sustainability was a career move for the long term, says Divya Tiwari.

“In India, salary tends to become a major factor in gauging people’s success. It was something even I felt for a while. No one looks at the impact that you are making; it is more about the package you are earning. I felt like IT was a sector that was over and done with, for me. Social and environmental impact was the next big thing, and that is where I wanted to contribute. I feel proud of what I am doing.”

Divya Tiwari, after 10+ years in the IT industry, decided to join Saahas, a waste management company based out of Bangalore. Far from being a move driven by charity,  Tiwari’s transition to the social sector was a career move for the long term – into the vibrant, emerging space of environment sustainability, she says.

Watch Divya Tiwari talk about her move to a Career In Impact:

Divya, on value for money: “Initially, there was no sense of satisfaction with the money I earned. Now, I value every kurta that I buy! I also feel that now my children respect me more that they see me struggling. I wanted to value the things that I do with the money. Value here is proportional to the effort I put in, and that is valuable to me. Even though I earn less, I value the money I earn more now.”

This is part of The Alternative’s “Work With A Purpose” series that takes a deep look at what moves people inside the crazy, exciting and challenging world of social enterprises in India.


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