The Natural Beauty and Wellness series explores how one can go from using chemical laden personal care products to including safer & more sustainable alternatives in their daily wellness regimes. Our theme of the month is 'What's in a label?' - content that is strongly focused on raising consumer awareness about what goes into making cosmetics and beauty products & their effects.

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    Could cedarwood oil be the single answer to all of your health problems?

    The antiseptic, astringent, diuretic, and antispasmodic properties of cedarwood oil make it one of the best natural essential oils for good health.
    on Oct 14, 2015

    Everything you always wanted to know about nutritional supplements but were too afraid to ask

    Can vitamin and mineral supplements really live up to all the tall claims, or is it more hype than truth?
    on Aug 25, 2015

    What tawa? Are we all inhaling toxic fumes from our Teflon cookware?

    The cookware you choose can have significant impact on your health and on the environment.
    on Jul 20, 2015

    Cold is Gold! Why cold pressed oils are great for your skin

    Cold pressed oils are not only good for a healthy heart and your well-being, but they are also a healthier and safer source of nourishment for your skin.
    on Jul 16, 2015

    There’s something in the air…and your skin isn’t too happy about it

    13 of the world's 25 most polluted cities are in India. So how does your skin react to this kind of environmental stress?
    on Jul 16, 2015

    8 foods that won’t let periods cramp your style

    Abdominal cramps, mood swings and fatigue causing you discomfort?  Here’s the lowdown on what to eat for less painful and hassle-free periods.
    on Jul 15, 2015

    Cold pressed oil: Why you should switch from refined oil to this much healthier alternative

    Cold pressed oils retain nutrients and flavour otherwise destroyed by heat in refined oil extraction, making them good for your heart and overall well being...
    on Jul 13, 2015

    Hair treatment and conditioning with Okra (bhindi)!

    Wait, what? Use bhindi in my hair? Yes! Okra is high in Vitamins A & C, folic acid, calcium and zinc, making it incredibly nourishing for your hair.
    on Jul 10, 2015

    What’s all the fuss about Apple Cider Vinegar?

    Apple Cider Vinegar will help in weight loss, cure heart disease and prevent osteoporosis. Or maybe not. Read on for the bitter truth on what ACV can do and...
    on Jul 6, 2015

    [Grandma’s Wisdom Contest] Homemade kohl with crape jasmine

    Vibha Simha shares her grandma's homemade kohl recipe.
    on Jul 6, 2015

    11 natural beauty secrets from around the world

    A round-up of natural beauty secrets from across the globe that you can easily try at home, using ingredients that are available in your kitchen or garden.
    on Jul 6, 2015

    [Grandma’s Wisdom Contest] Home made kajal that’s also infant-friendly

    Aparna Ramachandran shares how you can make kajal using simple ingredients like ghee, lamp with a wick, and a matchbox.
    on Jun 30, 2015

    Extraordinary uses of Ordinary things: Go nuts over these 10 nuts

    Your guide to good health is in these small nuts and seeds that can make a big difference to digestion, skin and body health. And get you some good sleep to...
    on Jun 30, 2015

    [Grandma’s Wisdom Contest] Creating the best from waste and the best medicine

    Kashmira Chatterjee shares how she recreated new from old and a wellness home remedy that will keep your spirits up and positive energy flowing.
    on Jun 30, 2015

    [Grandma’s Wisdom Contest] Age old preparations that work wonders for skin and hair

    Ayshwarya Rajagopalan goes back in time to find effective treatments for skin and hair using simple ingredients.
    on Jun 30, 2015

    Extraordinary uses of Ordinary things: Goodness of ghee

    Ghee serves more than one purpose whether it is for eating, cooking, drinking or even for external application. Embrace the goodness of ghee.
    on Jun 29, 2015

    How to practise yoga for holistic wellness, as told by three renowned yogis

    Thinking of starting yoga? Use these tips and recommendations from renowned practitioners to begin your journey into holistic wellness.
    on Jun 21, 2015

    7 refreshing smoothies that are ideal for detoxing

    We've got the world's easiest challenge for you. Have one of these delicious smoothies every day of the week.
    on Jun 20, 2015

    [Contest] Grandma knows best!

    Home remedies to quick fixit ideas, sensible food advice to traditional recipes - send in your grandma's ideas and win cool eco-goodies!
    on Jun 15, 2015

    Extraordinary use of the Ordinary: 15 benefits of having honey everyday

    If you don't already have honey as an ingredient in your cupboard, here are 15 reasons why you should make use of this extraordinary ingredient.
    on Jun 15, 2015

    Nailed it! Your complete guide to natural nail care

    With the amount of toxic chemicals found in nail polish, it's better to avoid them altogether and switch to natural home-made alternatives instead.
    on Jun 10, 2015

    From soil to shelf – the apricot oil story

    The quality of apricot oil is such that it penetrates the skin easily and works on the inner layers.
    on Jun 9, 2015

    From farm to face: What it takes to produce an organic beauty product

    From organic food to clothes to cosmetics - it certainly seems that our society is slowly making those leaps towards going all-organic.
    on Jun 2, 2015

    25 ways to stay naturally cool in the midst of a heat wave

    With temperatures across the country soaring and going beyond the comfort zone, we need to re-think our lifestyle and adapt to the weather accordingly.
    on Jun 1, 2015

    Kajal: Underlining the cultural significance of one of the oldest fashion accessories + organic brands list

    Kajal goes way back in our culture. For centuries, it has been used for eye-safety, cooling and medicinal properties. We've got a list of organic brands for...
    on May 29, 2015

    The dilemma of smelling good: How can we get chemical-free with perfumes?

    Often, a fragranced product contains more than 500 different chemicals. It is better to use natural fragrances made from essential oils as they are harmless...
    on May 29, 2015

    [Announcement] “What’s your natural beauty quotient?” contest winners!

    Did you just win a Traveller's Essential kit from SoulTree? You're just one click away from finding out.
    on May 28, 2015

    [Beauty with Botanicals] 7 Green tea DIYs for your skin and hair

    Face mask, conditioner, toothpaste...could green tea BE any more useful?
    on May 25, 2015

    How to take care of your hair in the summer (with Jeesa Gupta)

    Keep your hair happy and healthy in the summer naturally with these 5 tips.
    on May 22, 2015

    Summer Snippets from the North: Local wellness practices to beat the Loo winds

    How to beat that unbearable Dilli type garmi? We've got all the lowdown, from local trees to liquid treats.
    on May 18, 2015

    SoulTree’s perspective on natural beauty and wellness

    SoulTree is India’s first & the only range of certified natural beauty & personal care products developed from natural origin ingredients, natural oils an...
    on May 13, 2015

    Expert Talk – Jeesa Gupta on a natural beauty regimen sans harmful chemicals

    Natural beauty does not take two hours in front of a mirror. It takes a lifetime of staying away from synthetic chemicals and including herbs, fruits and ve...
    on May 13, 2015

    Beauty with Botanicals: Using Aloe Vera to soothe your skin

    It is known as the 'Plant of Immortality'. Need we say more?
    on May 13, 2015

    Eternal sunburn on your spotless mind? Here are 6 ways to beat the UV rays

    It's summertime! The season for holidays by the sea, shorts, straw hats, and that dreaded sunburn. A few natural ways to soothe skin using only kitchen ingr...
    on May 12, 2015

    South Summer Snippets: Adopt these local wellness practices to beat the heat

    India's hottest states are brimming with cool ideas to combat the effects of intense heat. Here are summer snippets that people in the south use to keep the...
    on May 12, 2015

    Quiz: How much do you know about natural beauty?

    We have loads of SoulTree goodies with us. And we want to give them to you.
    on May 11, 2015

    How sleep is linked to your skin, hair, immunity and wellness

    Open your eyes to the many health and wellness benefits of some shut-eye.
    on May 8, 2015

    7 natural ingredients for your skin and hair care

    You don't have to look too far for skin and hair care! Here are 7 easily available ingredients that will help your overall wellness.
    on May 7, 2015

    Be-Cruelty Free Campaign: One giant leap for animal kind

    Read about The Humane Society International/India’s Be-Cruelty Free Campaign (BCF) that played a key role in banning the import of animal tested cosmetics...
    on May 7, 2015

    Vanquishing summer allergies from your kitchen

    Don't want to be part of the itchy and scratchy show? Get a lowdown on how to beat those summer allergies right here!
    on May 6, 2015

    The beast beneath the beauty – Decoding cosmetic labels

    Let's go on a journey through the dark and murky world of skin lightening soaps and blemish removers.
    on May 2, 2015

    What’s in a Neem?…Everything your skin and hair could ever ask for!

    Neem is that seemingly omnipresent ingredient which can rejuvenate your hair and skin.
    on May 1, 2015

    20 toxic chemicals in cosmetics that you need to avoid

    Regardless of your like or dislike for heavy metal music, it's unlikely that you would ever want to end up with heavy metals inside your body
    on May 1, 2015

    Soaps By Sangi: Handcrafting soaps with passion

    From cold pressed, handmade soap bars to pure cleansing lip balms and moisturizers, Soaps by Sangi offers a wonderfully flavourful way to be chemical-free.
    on Nov 3, 2014

    Voices: This is why I switched to natural personal care products

    Harmful chemicals and other ingredients should make the switch from chemical to natural personal care products an easy choice for you.
    on Oct 13, 2014

    Grandma’s Wisdom Contest: Uncommon cures for common illnesses

    Experience, they say, is the best teacher. So we dig into the treasure trove of Grandma's wisdom.
    on Oct 8, 2014

    14 surprising home remedies for the blasted Common Cold

    From chamomile tea to pickled plums, here are a bunch of easy peasy natural ways to soothe yourself when you have the dreaded 'common' cold.
    on Oct 7, 2014

    Grandma’s Wisdom Contest: Natural, chemical free hair care

    While the word Shampoo was derived from the Indian word 'Champi' that is where the similarity ends. If you are tired of experimenting with shampoos that are...
    on Oct 1, 2014