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Surviving irregular cycles

Menstruation is a phenomenon that is considered to be natural and universal for women, but there are some people who have other health issues that affect th...
on Feb 13, 2014

Effective parenting is about being receptive to your child’s needs

Effective parenting can be achieved through better receptivity, unconditional acceptance and objectivity, says Mahalakshmi Rajagopal.
on Feb 11, 2014

Films for change: What inspires a film maker to make a short film

"With ‘The Drunken Driver’ I’m sending out a pretty clear message – do not drink and drive. You could hurt innocent people, and permanently too."
on Feb 11, 2014

[Photo story] Living with HIV: ‘Unnatural criminals have been the most accepting of my status’

Whenever I disclose my HIV status, they give me a warm hug with open arms saying “awww baby, It’s alright”. Not even once have I been stigmatized or d...
on Feb 11, 2014

Children for Change: How students of Amala T.P.S Thuckalay School danced to sit cushy

These school kids used to sit on the floor during classes. Read how they danced their way out of this problem!
on Feb 7, 2014

Abhaya – Improving the health of Female Sex Workers

India HIV/AIDS Alliance has initiated a pilot programme Abhaya – meaning 'fearless' in Hindi – for Female Sex Workers in Andhra Pradesh and Gujarat.
on Feb 7, 2014