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[Voices] How hip hop dancing helped me see beyond traditional boundaries for Indian women

Sonia Oprean writes about how she found a place where Indian women could rise above the confining nature on traditional societal pressure.
on Feb 13, 2015

How can we get school dropouts to go back?

Surveys by CRY volunteers show that poverty is the main reason why children in urban poor areas drop out of school, and not disinterest in studies.
on Feb 2, 2015

[Voices] The role of religion in the world that we see today

"...we become blind to the profound interconnectedness that we humans share with each-other, with nature, and with the universe."
on Jan 20, 2015

From Ficus To Filter: 3 ideas that changed our perception of sustainable coffee forever

These sustainable coffee companies from around the globe show that the idea of sustainable coffee can have many, but equally effective faces.
on Jan 9, 2015

5 things that can make a green lover see red

Being a green lover can be frustrating, especially when you're starting off and trying to get family and friends to think the same way. Here's how.
on Jan 8, 2015

[Desi Diaries] Shukriya, thank you, merci, or dankeschön – Why being bilingual is better

[Desi Diaries] For an immigrant child, being bilingual is better for brain development, the family, economic prospects, and their entire identity.
on Jan 6, 2015