The 10 most popular stories on The Alternative in 2014

A look back at some of 2014’s most popular stories on The Alternative.

It’s that time of the year again, when we look back at the past 12 months and realise all that made news, made us halt in our tracks, put the faith back in our cynical bodies and a spring back for the good in our strides.

Lists suggesting how people can take action – from where to find certified organic fresh produce to must-have Indian children’s tales, fresh new ideas to look at everyday life, practical advice on various sustainable living practices – from composting to kitchen gardening – these were some of the things people came back to look for, over and over again. Inspiring stories of what everyday folks around us can achieve, of course, always found a place in our reader’s hearts.

Presenting the most popular stories in 2014, chosen by our readers:

1. 9 Indian ads that (thankfully) deliver the social message well


The next time you watch an advertisement on television and wonder when our collective level of IQ dropped to below negative, watch one of these ads to restore your faith in humanity. And creativity.

2. 10 Indian women scientists you should be proud of

Indian Scientists

Because India does have women scientists other than the ones you saw celebrating the successful Mangalyaan Mars mission in September.

3. The day Indian basketball went viral

Tip offs. Pic: Chawn Hoffert Flemming.

Tip offs. Pic: Chawn Hoffert Flemming.

When we beat China in the 5th FIBA Asia Cup in July, it most certainly was bigger news than Virat Kohli’s love life.

4. The secret behind why Japanese people never litter: 4 incredibly simple rules


The Japanese may not have made it too far in the World Cup last summer, but their cleanliness habits sure made them number 1 in our hearts!

5. 10 Indian organic clothing brands that you should be proud of wearing


Guilt-tripping won’t work on you when you splurge on these ethical, natural, organic fashion brands, homegrown right here in India!

6. Protect your children from sexual abuse: Use these resources to empower them


The past year hasn’t been any easier on children or the rest of us when it came to sexual assault and abuse. The resources in the article are a great way to help kids be aware of themselves and their surroundings.

7. 50 Indian books every parent must read to their child


Getting your kids to start reading? These books will help add a dash of Indianness to their habits!

8. 10 toilet designs that can actually work in rural India

Pic - SuSanA Secretariat | Flickr

Pic – SuSanA Secretariat | Flickr

Getting people to understand why toilets are helpful is just one part of the job; building them is the second.

9. Haider: A film with incredible Chutzpah

Image Source:

Image Source:

One of this year’s better titles to come out of Bollywood, the movie had the chutzpah to talk about Kashmir in a way that delivered the bard’s oft-adapted play in a refreshing new way.

10. MS Subbulakshmi and the modern Indian feminine ideal


Is the story of MS Subbulakshmi from the Devadasi tradition into institution of the arts one of emancipation or cultural appropriation?

Tell us what your favourite stories on The Alternative this year were, in the comments below!


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