Grandma Knows Best – Paati Sollai Thattathey contest

Tell us your Grandma’s collection of home remedies, fiercely guarded recipes, and more in our Paati Sollai Thattathey contest, and win goodies.

Remember how you spent entire summer afternoons watching the fan spin and wheeze, as your grandmother told stories about princesses, palaces, and animals that speak?Perhaps she had twinkling eyes, wore flowers in her hair and made the best pickles in the world. Maybe she didn’t manage to study past Class 5 but you know she can teach your investment manager a thing or two, having fed and raised a family of 9 on very little.

Everyone has a memory of their grandmother, and some are lucky enough to have them around to spoil the babies of the family, cook a traditional meal, and offer valuable advice on everything from treating a nosebleed to buying the freshest fish and keeping silks looking good as new. This festive season, chances are you will be looking back to the memories you made with your grandmother, while savoring traditional savouries and sweets, decorating the house, drawing kolam, bursting crackers, airing out your sarees, or visiting your ancestral home as a family. Grandmother's Wisdom Ajji, Aaita, Naani, Daadi, Paati, Ammamma, Didima, or Ba—call her what you will, she does know best. Our grandmothers have gyaan that can put Google to shame, and we at The Alternative are intent on finding and preserving their nuggets of wisdom. Yes, Google will throw up 7, 86,793 results in 0.48 seconds to every quandary big and small, but chances are your kindly old grandmother will take no time to give you the one solution that actually works. In a world that is moving at breakneck speed, it is important to pause and rediscover the wisdom of a time gone by.

Our grandmothers have passed on time-tested solutions and quick fixes that are rooted in traditional wisdom science is reaffirming all over again. From being frugal to cooking with local, seasonal, and fresh produce to using herbs as home-grown remedies to heal and cure, we urge you to go back to storehouses of knowledge that every family has passed on to the next generation. Participate in our month-long Paati Sollai Thattathey (Don’t doubt Grandma’s Wisdom) contest, send us your entries, and win goodies this festive season.

How to Participate:

01) Think back to when you were growing up, call your mother, aunt, father, uncle, or in laws and pick their brain on any valuable beauty tip, health tip, recipe or housekeeping advice they would love to share.
02) Write a short note (50-100 words) on some memory of your times with your grandmother or anecdote from her life. And if there is a picture of her and you don’t mind sharing it with us, even nicer.
04) Send us a word document with the subject: Grandmother’s Wisdom to
05) Do visit our FB page – to see the entry and on the website too, share widely with your friends and family who you think can add their two bits and participate in this contest!


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