TA Writer of the Week: Navami Sreekumar

For Navami Sreekumar’s article ‘Alone at home with a H4 visa’, one of the most popular in June, she is the The Alternative’s writer of the week.

A post graduate in Mass Communication and Journalism, Navami Sreekumar found thousands of Indians who fly to the US with their spouses only to find themselves at home with visas not permitting them to work, or a degree not recognized in the States, even though they can legally work. For Navami’s article ‘Alone at home with a H4 visa‘, one of the most popular posts in June, we’ve chosen her as the The Alternative’s writer of the week. We catch up on her story and how she strives to live more sustainably.


Tell us a little about yourself

I am a Post-Graduate in Mass Communication and Journalism who is married and settled in the US. My native place is Trivandrum, Kerala. I am currently pursuing M.Phil in Communication. My broad area of research is development communication. I am interested in doing Ph.D later in future. My husband, Mr Vinay Vasanth, an IT professional, is my greatest support in writing and pursuing higher studies even after marriage. I am ever grateful to him for all support.

I am an ardent devotee of  Sri Sri Ravishankar ji,the founder of Art Of Living Foundation since 1996. I practice pranayam and meditation regularly and I think that gives me the strength and energy to face hard situations in  life. It keeps me calm and peaceful.

I am interested in Music and it is my passion. I had learnt classical music for eight years and wish to learn more. I also like to watch movies and read philosophical books. Deepak Chopra and Paulo Coelho are my favourite writers. I would like to work on women empowerment as well.

Writing on H4 Visa

I have a lot of friends in the US who are in this situation. They all are highly educated but are forced stay at home. I am also in a similar situation. Though I can legally work in the US, I couldn’t find a job in my field of education. That’s when I learnt about the alternative and joined an internship. I wanted to learn more about online writing since my specialisation during PG was Web-Journalism.

The article that moved the needle

This is the article that made me feel proud of myself. I felt even more encouraged when I came to know that I’m chosen as the writer of the week, and I am thank full to The Alternative for the same!


Three #thingsyoucanlivewithout

Well, I think its easier to say about things that I cannot live without! I cannot live without my spiritual practices and my family. Apart from the basic requirements, I think I can adjust and move ahead in life. On the lighter side, I think I can live without my personal car, air-conditioner and television.

Three things that you do for a more sustainable lifestyle

I always give more importance to human values and support for social causes. I appreciate people who can balance their family life, spiritual life and career life. I think the balance is a thin line and it calls for immense courage and patience to balance all three. It’s a real challenge to bring up kids in these days with good values and a sense of belonging with the society. I appreciate all mums who are great at this!

I try and use less of plastic cover bags when i purchase  groceries when in India. I practice meditation for a healthy life. I also try and help the poor and needy around me.

Suggestions for us

Well, I am really grateful to you for giving me and opportunity to pursue an internship with you. I had tried in many websites, but unfortunately, due to time differences nobody wanted to take me. It’s The Alternative that helped me with this regard. I really appreciate this trait of the website.  I wish The Alternative the best in all future endeavours.


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