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The good times always go by faster and that’s just what happened in the festive month of October.

The good times always go by faster and that’s just what happened in the festive month of October. With a theme like Desi Diaries that connected us to our roots in the modern manifestations of our present, we felt a closer connect with the community through their stories of celebrating Diwali outside India, playing with different Golu themes each year and travelling to festivals in different parts of the country. Our community also opened us up to field stories of being young and working in social enterprises and of lesser reported tales from the many tribes and remote regions in the North Eastern parts of India.

The diwali lamps of Kumbharwada. Pic: Vidu Chandan

Most popular

The Dirty Fellow Series: Working in grassroots is nothing like Shahrukh Khan in Swades

Nikita Gupta poetically points out the overdrive on romanticizing a simple life in the country side that is only reflective of the worrying rural-urban divide in India.

What one girl learnt about sustainability from Bangalore schools

Not all kids believe that they don’t need no education. Especially not, Rithika Srivathsa who wrote about learning a lot on sustainable practices while engaging with peers from schools that don’t own the same infrastructural privilege as other city public schools.

Irresponsible Tourism – The death of India’s Niagaras

Siddharth Ramana points out everything that is wrong with mainstream tourism in India today that we either avoid by choosing to go offbeat or turn a blind eye to.

Editor’s Picks

Your train just got an eco-friendly toilet

Prathap Nair rightly points out how the epidemic issue of sanitation begins from our public spaces like railway toilets, that formerly was akin to open defecation.

The playgrounds of Mumbai: Banganga Tank

Where do we go and play when almost every empty space in the city is either encroached, built upon or barbed in legal battles? Pratap Kaul highlights the resilient spirit of Mumbaikers who don’t let ‘development’ get in the way of their sunday sports.

Desi Diaries: Kumbharwada, the city of lamps

Festivals in India are directly connected to sustainable livelihoods for many underrated and uncelebrated artisans, sculptors and artists. Vidu Chandan showed us the world of Kumbharwada without which our Diwali would be a lot more noise and energy consumption.

Congratulations to the writers for bringing pertinent topics of sustainable living and layers to ongoing dialogues of social impact to The Alternative.

Tell us which were your favourite articles in The Alternative in October in the comments section. You can also nominate your favourite articles in November by sending us your choice to before by December 1st, 2013. 


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