The Green Bazaar

The Green Bazaar V: The Catch Every Drop edition



10 am to 7 pm



From being the object of worship and the subject of countless traditional stories to being a resource we acknowledge only when the tap runs dry, our relationship with water has many sharp contrasts.

That we are fast running out of water is a reality today – Bangalore needs 1.3 billion litres of water everyday and all sources, including Cauvery, borewells and others, fall short by atleast 30%. We sent out 1.1 billion litres of sewage out of the city everyday, polluting every part of our urban landscape even as our lakes and tanks have disappeared and long given way to stadiums and sports complexes.

The March edition of The Green Bazaar celebrates waterlife – our city’s rich tradition of lakes and tanks, the rivers that run through it and the Cauvery that nourishes it – just as much as urging people to save the precious resource – catch every drop of it.


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