The Green Bazaar

The Green Bazaar 9: Eco Habba, Whitefield



7 AM - 7 PM



The Green Bazaar 9: Eco Habba, Sunday, February 22nd, Herbs and Spices, Whitefield

Bangalore's favourite earth friendly bazaar is back! The Green Bazaar 9 goes hyperlocal with the Eco Habba. Be inspired,...
The Alternative on February 20, 2015

The Green Bazaar Eco Habba: Whitefield - The children play here!

The Green Bazaar's first ever community level Eco Habba was held at Herbs n Spices in Whitefield on 22nd Feb, 2015. Here...
The Alternative on February 25, 2015

'Taaq' you for the music, Taaqademy!

Taaqademy, run by one of Bangalore's veteran rock 'n' roll bands, is helping people understand that taking music serious...
Christopher Isaac on March 11, 2015

[Student Voices] Beyond the classroom: What are schools doing to be sustainable and help their community?

Getting kids to learn, understand, and practice sustainability from a young age can help create a conscious new generati...
Namrata Ramesh on February 25, 2015

What would kids do to ensure everyone lived sustainably?

From cleaning water with a mop to setting up special task forces, kids at The Green Bazaar sure had the best suggestions...
Namrata Ramesh on February 27, 2015

[Student Voices] Why you should be segregating your waste and composting

Student reporter Mitali spoke to sustainability champions at The Green Bazaar Eco Habba about the need for waste segrega...
Guest Author on March 3, 2015

[Student Voices] How a simple nature walk can change the way you think about the environment

Student reporter Mitali Singh reports about the Nature Walk at The Green Bazaar Eco Habba, that was led by nature expert...
Guest Author on March 3, 2015

[Student Voices] This is why you should have your own kitchen garden at home!

Having your own kitchen garden not only helps you have fresh produce for you daily meals, but can also be a conduit to e...
Guest Author on March 4, 2015

[Student Voices] Powering conscious living at The Green Bazaar's Eco Habba - Whitefield

The Green Bazaar Eco Habba at Whitefield was a colourful, eventful, and fun-filled day for championing sustainability, w...
Guest Author on March 4, 2015

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