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The Alternative’s comprehensive online internship program lasts between 6 and 14 weeks and is a chance to build strong online content creation skills, editing, social media and design experience, besides helping you discover the fascinating world of sustainability and social impact as it unfurls around us.

Work closely with our senior editorial team and learn while writing articles, shooting photo stories and videos, working on e-books and other exciting real time content development and outreach projects. The Alternative’s online internship program is open to students across the globe.

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What is the Alternative Internship program?

The Alternative runs a regular internship program for school and college students to work as part of its content production, editorial and outreach team. Students get involved in multiple activities that run in parallel as part of the digital newsroom process — from producing news bulletins to editing, publishing and audience engagement.

How long does the internship program go on?

The Alternative’s editorial internship programs go on for 2-3 months, as decided between the editor and the intern. The programs run from a minimum of 8 weeks to a maximum of 14 weeks.

What does the Editing internship work entail?

Writing and Editing Interns at The Alternative (TA) play an anchor role in creating and producing content across the focus areas of The Alternative. They play the valuable role of helping run a smooth professional web content platform that has quality content presented in forms optimized for the web. Publishing work entails reviewing and revising articles everyday and packaging them into formats that are reader-friendly and optimized for online reading. Activities taken up by the publishing interns include proofreading of content, article layout design, slideshows/audio-visual format preparation, tagging and keyword optimization.

What does the audience development internship work entail?

Audience Development Interns at The Alternative play the challenging role of ensuring that all content on TA engages the widest number of interested audiences online. Audience Development work entails engaging social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and Quora online, re-publishing on curation platforms and aggregation sites and following up on conversations and discussions on the site, community mailing groups and forums.

What commitments does the Internship entail?

The duration of the internship can go from 8-14 weeks. Interns are asked to commit to a 12-hour weekly schedule of their choosing upfront. The Alternative recognizes the various academic and professional commitments that form a part of the intern’s educational pursuit, and is open to altering schedules for individual needs. TA expects in turn that the intern will suitably work the internship commitment seriously and be accountable for delivering quality work as per the schedules laid out.

What does a typical week in the internship look like?

The interns work in close co-ordination with the senior editorial team.

The week starts with an Editorial Planning meeting with the senior editorial team to recap the previous week’s performance online and discuss plans for the week including specials, campaigns and current running series online.

Weekday schedules are closely aligned to the real time publishing schedules and backend editorial and outreach processes followed by the publication. The intern will have a bunch of everyday assignments handed out via the content management and tracking system used by the editorial team. Finished work is turned in, in time for the next day’s content run.

A weekly round up meeting will be held, typically on a Saturday.

What can one learn as the Intern?

Interns receive a comprehensive idea of The Alternative’s philosophy and implementation tools and techniques to present, publish and manage content online. Interns get a chance to understand deeper the world of sustainability and social issues and how to leverage online content and communities to tell impactful stories about the same. Interns get to learn the tricks of the trade in online content management and social media and the utilization of social media to actively engage audience to lead more sustainable lives.

Can an Internship lead to paid employment?

Yes—The Alternative could ask exceptional interns to join its team of paid contributors.

The hiring process is highly competitive, and we make no promises to prospective applicants. The most successful candidates are those who show consistent development through the course of their internships, proving their reliability by performing consistently, with quality and on time.

The Alternative provides professional references and letters of recommendation for all successful interns. In the past, interns have gone on to get journalism jobs at leading mainstream publications, admits to top universities and programs abroad, and jobs in renowned spaces – from enterprises in the space of sustainability to research organisations and non-profits.

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