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At The Alternative, we are always looking for insights into the choices people make, that brings them closer to sustainable living. We look to understand how people understand, interact with, feel about and act on social causes and sustainability challenges that we face today. If you are wondering what to write about, here are some areas where you could start.

Our interest however is not limited to the areas below. If you have an interesting story pitch or submission that you think would fit in with our focus and approach to sustainability, go right ahead, follow the submission procedure and send it to us!

Are you an apartment or a community champion?

Have you been witness to, or been a part of, the core team implementing waste management, water conservation or related sustainability initiatives in your community, apartment or ward? We would love to chronicle your experience of how you went about it and what the impact has been.

If there’s a pressing civic or social issue in your neighbourhood that needs attention and visibility, and you have a possible solution of what could be done, use our platform to spread the word.

Are you a film, book or art lover?

Are you a passionate film viewer who loves to dissect movies and appreciate nuances? Do you love reading books and talking about them? Do you believe the arts – both still and performing – hold a mirror to today’s times? Send us your reviews, opinion pieces and questions that a film, book, a performance or a work of art raised. Profile the life and work of traditional artists or modern ones looking to forge relationships between the past and the present in interesting ways. Given our publication’s focus, we look for perspectives from a socio- cultural lens.

Are you a history buff or a collector of old stories?

Do you have stories about your city that no one knows about? Do you know why we celebrate a particular festival, follow a particular custom, wear particular attires and how it has evolved over the years? We would love to hear stories of how past meets the present in our heritage and history sections.

Do you love to travel?

We want to capture your off the map experiences where you’ve chosen to stay at a home stay or an ecological hotel and relished the local culture. We want to feature your photographs of scenic views, endangered species and indigenous inhabitants unseen in glossy pages or seen through a novel and ethical perspective. We want to see your city while you re-discover it through your lens. We want to promote responsible choices and your stories of giving back to the community and region that you’ve taken from. We want to follow you on your seasonal jaunts, your crazy experiments at art, music, film and cultural festivals and places you sojourn to in the coming weekend.

Write to us on untravel – it could be about the destination, place of stay, a specific attraction or a story behind a moment, or the stories of the people from those places.

Raising kids? Or teaching them?

Share with us your experiences of bringing up or educating children in our Education and Development section. How do you teach your kids to be more responsible and sensitive (or how do your kids teach you)? Tell us about activities that you have engaged in with your child. Encourage your child to write about his/her experiences in our Student Voices section.

Do you feel strongly about social equity?

We believe that an equitable society is one where everyone – irrespective of gender, age, sexual orientation or abilities – is able to access space, opportunities and resources similar to what the rest of us have. Our Inclusivity section features personal voices of people who are differently-abled, the experiences of a friend, parent, sibling or an associate of someone who is differently-abled. We have a strong focus on gender equity and the nuances of gender justice in our country today.  We also have special sections that spread awareness around disability,autismadoptiongeriatric care and urban poverty.

Do you work with development issues on the ground?

We always love to hear from the practitioners in the space about the challenges, innovations and the realities of working with issues of social development on the ground. So, if you do have first-hand experience in working on the ground on social issues – urban or rural – do send us your experiences and views.

Evergreen sections

You could contribute to our enduring collections on The Alternative