Hi-fashion goes hemp! 20 cool ways to wear the sustainable fabric

Hemp is a versatile, renewable, biodegradable fabric, that’s aesthetically pleasing as well as affordable. These products show you just that!

From glimmering gowns and stylish drapes to funky jewellery, hemp is filtering in slowly into products and wear that looks good, feels great and nudges sustainable living up by a notch more!

Hemp is the Cannabis Sativa plant, grown for its fibre and seeds. Hemp has multiple uses – as fibre in industry, furniture, oils and even plastics. Traditionally, hemp fibre has been a very coarse fibre when raw, which made it well suited to rope but less than ideal for clothing that touches human skin. Advances in breeding of the plants and treatment/processing of the fibres have resulted in a much finer, softer hemp fibre, which is ideal for weaving into hemp clothing, fabrics and rope.

Here are 20 ways you can wear hemp today!

1. Hemp tote bags

Clear pockets, stuffy sacks guarantee lots of space in this everyday bag. A combination of hemp and recycled rubber, shoulder bags made of hemp can be in different colours.

Pic – mom2rays | Flickr

2. Go elemental with hemp shoes

Hemp is the right choice as shoe fabric; durable and strong, it provides a rugged feel to the classic shoe, even while making it casual and comfy.

Pic – Coleever | Flickr

3. ‘Bow’ chica wow!

Arresting bow ties, polka dotted, or fancy flowers attached or even a simple black and white bow can jazz up your ensemble. Check out these ties.

Pic – be▲-t | Flickr

4. Lovely lady hemps

In glittering fashion shows and among product lines of major brands such as Armani, Calvin Klein, Nike etc, hemp fabrics are getting used and are creating quite an eco buzz.

Pic – HousingWorksPhotos | Flickr

5. ‘Hemp’lets 

Hemp is not just high fashion. Jerseys and casual colourful dresses for tiny tots, sometimes mixed with other fabrics, is gaining momentum as well.

Pic – Girl Like The Sea | Flickr

6. Casual hemp anklets

Dainty anklets strung with beads, pearls, crystals, etc., are a wonderful addition to any outfit.

Pic – lisaclarke | Flickr

7. Hemp on your hand

Pic – witchy_hihi | Flickr

8. Trendy, ethnic hemp earrings

Add a fun vibe to your ears with these offbeat, classy earrings.

Pic – witchy_hihi | Flickr

9. Hemp necklaces

Transform simple outfits with these simple yet charming hemp necklaces.

Pic – Lady Zarobi | Flickr

10. Hemp scarves

Lightweight hemp scarves in different colours are available to accessorize your outfits.

Pic – Theo Wright | Flickr

11. Hemp wallets for casual wear

Wallets made of hemp are durable, strong and are available in a wide range of colours to complement your lifestyle.

Pic – thaths | Flickr

12. Ultra cool hemp wall-hangings

Colourful hemp yarn can be easily woven in to attractive tapestry to adorn your walls. Classic, traditional, or contemporary patterns can be designed with hemp and displayed to brighten up your home.

Pic – staceyjoy | Flickr

13. Hip and happening hemp caps

Keep the chill away with hemp caps. Lightweight and breathable the caps can be paired with hemp denims and shoes to score major style (and earth-friendly) brownie points among your peers.

Pic – Erik R. Bishoff | Flickr

14. Soft hemp for the baby

Why leave the tiny tots behind? Dress up your little ones in vibrant hemp sweaters and give them an instant style boost while keeping them warm.

Pic – looseends | Flickr

15. Get the girl next door look with hemp tees

Cool hemp tees are ideal as active wear as they breathe. Whether you’re jogging or planning to have a simple day out, hemp tees are the right fabric to flaunt.

Pic – parcelbrat | Flickr

16. Trendy hemp pouches

Spacious and comfy hemp pouches can lend a casual feel to your outing.

Pic – Tokyotogo | Flickr

17. Durable hemp messenger bags

Sturdy hemp is the ideal candidate for compact and functional messenger bags. These are the best companion for people constantly on the go.

Pic – brandoncripps | Flickr

18. Complement your locks with hemp headband

Make a personal statement with cute hemp head bands. Plain hemp can get a makeover with stones, beads accented with various tones, and crystals, to create trendy headbands.

Pic – Totally Hemp | Flickr

19. Skirt the line with hemp

Casual cool skirts with sustainable hemp fabric are a great way to show that you care for the environment. The skirts available in eco friendly colours are perfect for travelling or casual outings.

Pic – dwanjabi | Flickr

20. Hemp for poo!

Easy to wash, absorbent hemp is a great material for baby diapers. Hemp is eight times more absorbent than cotton, making it great for daily use.

Pic – MyHappyCrazyLife | Flickr

Where can you buy hemp in India?

Hemp in fashion is nascent in India, and manufacturers and companies are slowly releasing apparel and accessories made of Hemp. Boheco (Bombay Hemp Company) is an enterprise that looks exclusively at hemp products. The next time you go out to shop, ask if they have something for you in hemp!

Usha Hariprasad is an Editorial Intern with The Alternative. The Alternative editorial internship is a chance for students and working professionals across the globe to work with the magazine’s editors in creating real-time content, photo and video stories and more while exploring the fascinating world of sustainability and social impact as it unfurls around us. Write to editor@thealternative.in if you are interested in exploring an internship.

Usha Hariprasad is a freelance writer. She is fond of travelling, discovering new places and writes about travel related destinations around Bangalore at Citizen Matters. more


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Usha Hariprasad is a freelance writer. She is fond of travelling, discovering new places and writes about travel related destinations around Bangalore at Citizen Matters. more

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