Date a girl who cycles

She cares about the planet enough to use her cycle to commute, or she might use it just to get groceries from around the corner.

Date a girl who cycles. Now there is a real risk taker! She is intrepid, to be hopping on that steel steed and riding off into the unknown, in search of adventures. This free-spirited woman, in describing whom, celebrated feminist Susan B Anthony said –

I stand and rejoice every time I see a woman ride by on a wheel… the picture of free, untrammeled womanhood.

Date a girl who cycles. She certainly knows how to keep her balance.  She realizes the value of keeping on moving forward, of putting pedal to metal, and of keeping at it. If that does not make her a special kind of brilliant, what does? She deals with the unreasonable yelling of the auto guy behind her with the same adroit kind of aplomb that she does the tween kid in a car looking at her with undisguised admiration and waves at her. Being on the saddle is great me-time and that means she’s a savvy girl who knows her mind very well.

Pic - Savio Sebastian | Flickr

Pic – Savio Sebastian | Flickr

Date a girl who cycles. You’ll have one healthy person around! Cycling strengthens her heart, makes her increase her brain power, wards of illnesses and seasonal infections, and helps her lose weight, look younger. Who wouldn’t want to be around someone who has so much going for them?

Date a girl who cycles. Because, hello—romantic ride dates! You could ride with her on wine trails, on challenging uphill rides, on long rides out of town, on short darts within town…and who knows, you might both be planning that cycling holiday to Tuscany or County Waterford.

Date a girl who cycles. She has obviously figured out how to simplify things in life.  A cycle can work as a great leveller in life. You get out of a cycle (or a cycle ride) what you put into it. A girl who experiences this better understands the choices that exist in our busy urban lives, to take it easy and slow, and break things down to brass tacks.

Date a girl who cycles. A cycle ride is a tremendous source of happiness and joy. A happiness-seeker is a certain positive force-field! A happy cycle-riding girl brimming with joy is bound to bring all that vim and vigour and add it to positive life experiences of people she meets. Taking a relaxed ride through city roads makes you see the city differently, with the eyes of an explorer.

Date a girl who cycles. Evidently, she is mindful of good health. She will make sure she eats well, eats healthy, takes care of herself. She might make beetroot smoothies after a ride but when she gives it to you, you will realize it also tastes great. And when she opts for that cupcake in the afternoon, she would have earned it. And if you went along with her for a ride, so have you!

Date a girl who cycles. She has made friends with the roads. She knows the journey is as important as the destination. She has made truce with the fact that there will be uphills to struggle against and downhills to coast down. She understands that the century ride really culminates at you knowing more about yourself than you did that morning; not necessarily at the 100th kilometre.

Date a girl who cycles. Chances are, she cares about the planet enough to make some green choices. She might use her cycle to commute or she might use it to get groceries from around the corner. She might be a randonneur or she might be a racer. In any of these avatars, she would have gained an endearing kind of love for the planet – it is, after all, the only one with cycles – the kind of love that acts but doesn’t preach.

Pic - Flickr

Pic – Flickr

Date a girl who cycles – she might have some bros in the local bike shop, interactions with whom might have made her latent (or not) self-reliance strengthen. She will know the basics of not just fixing her bike but also changing the light bulb, fixing the washers in the kitchen tap… she would have just been more aware of all the awesomeness she is capable of. And that kind of independence is just sexy.

Date a girl who cycles. She could be a downhiller or a commuter-cyclist or a  speed-demon of a road racer or a mixte-riding ‘cyclista’.  In any of these forms or more, she is symbolizing cool. She is bucking the trend, keeping it simple, rocking it in race-lycra or in shorts and a cotton tee, being a green warrior, and half a dozen other things besides. She will meet interesting new people on her rides who will be attracted to her and her impossibly magnetic personality. So if you are fortunate enough to catch the amourous attention of a free-spirited sprite on two self powered wheels, consider yourself lucky and appreciate your good fortune and don’t forget to treat her nice!


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