Escaping the rat race and regaining one’s sanity at The MadMan’s Farm

A group of people in Madhya Pradesh have escaped the rat race by growing their own organic food, eating with friends and living in leisure.

In the middle of Madhya Pradesh, 160 kms from Bhopal is where people at The MadMan’s Farm landed as “they lived their life and kept doing what they thought was the ‘apt thing to do,’” says Shashi Bhushan, founder/creator. One might think that there would be an interesting trigger or anecdote that led to the creation of this farm, but alas, there is none.

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The MadMan’s farm was created to escape the rat race of city life, to lead happier and simpler lives. It involves a group of people, it can be anyone and everyone, who grow their own organic food, eat with friends and have a lot of time on their hands to do as they please. Or not do anything at all. The farm makes you pause, to think about your life. Are you happy? Are you doing what you wanted to do? If not, how can you change it? The people at the farm would like you to believe that it’s a place for exploration.

Well Times

With such an ideology, one would wonder how their name came to be. Shashi adds here too, that this name, The MadMan’s farm, wasn’t something they called themselves. It was the villagers who called them ‘mad’ because of their approach to life and farming differed from these new people who had arrived.


“We hesitated in cutting trees from jungle while the locals thought it to be their birthright. We hesitated in stealing electricity while the local government officials encouraged it. So on and so forth. Slowly, they labeled us “mad”. We would often get this compliment that we are some mad city folks doing some crazy things here. So, we accepted their sobriquet and decided to name the farm itself as the “madman’s farm”.



The farm has an amorphous mixture of people each ranging from unique and different backgrounds-from engineers to 4 year olds, the farm believes in inclusivity. None of them are here because they were frustrated with their city lives; instead it was the ‘good’ city life that prompted the thought that- life can be better and simpler.

“We realized that food can be more nutritious and free of chemicals, place where we live could be much more than few hundred square feet, relationships that we hold can be beyond utility.  Life sure had much more to offer than we were living with.”

Chulha Cooking

At present, the farm has 3 families. There is no structure, no hierarchy; each can live life on their own terms. They believe that every place on earth is a ‘potential paradise’. “Our picture of paradise here includes a few thousand trees of a few hundred species, a few hundred animals of a few dozen species, a few dozen people, each one unique, living his/her uniqueness in its entirety. Our picture of paradise has abundance, it has diversity and it has harmony.”

Harvesting Greens

Harvesting Greens

The farm is open to visitors and settlers of all kinds. The farm organizes a yearly get together, which they call Winter Gathering, people can come and stay on the farm and get a real feel of how life there is. The dates for this year’s gathering are 24-27th Dec 2015.

“People who come here get a chance to live a simple life in lap of nature. We do things that they might have not done ever or at least in long time. We live together, converse, make friends, go trekking, sleep, and laze around. These gatherings have “No Agenda” and each one does what he/she feels like doing.”

Winter Gathering 2014

Winter Gathering 2014


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