Upcycled fashion blogs with unDIYing awesomeness

All our trolling paid off! Here are some of our favourite upcycled fashion blogs offering DIY guides so you can bid those wardrobe blues goodbye.

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We love new clothes and we cannot lie. We also love a good DIY that can turn old clothes into new ones. And since we’re such big fans of pre-loved, upcycled fashion, we’re always scouting around for the best thrift store deals and crafty ideas to turn the style quotient of that old pair of jeans up a notch or give those boring chucks a cool makeover.

All our trolling paid off! Here are some of our favourite upcycled fashion blogs offering DIY guides so you can bid those wardrobe blues goodbye.

Now you know where to head for your next weekend upcycling project.

1. Refashionista


A photo posted by Jillian Owens (@therefashionista) on

Jillian Owens is on a mission to change the way people look at fashion.  Sickened by the rise of fashion giants thriving on unethical labour practices, she wanted to offer people new eco-friendly ways to look at their wardrobes. A writer, designer, and eco-fashion revolutionary, Owens’ blog aims to inspire people to ‘Re-fashion’ (ReFashion = Fashion Revisited, Repurposed, and Revitalized). What began as a personal route to affordable yet stylish clothing took on greater proportions with her blog being featured in leading dailies.  Join Owens’ sartorial journey as she ups the coolness quotient of even the shabbiest wardrobe rejects.

2. A Beautiful Mess

Learn how to make your own summer sandals on ABM today! ❤️ A photo posted by Elsie + Emma A Beautiful Mess (@abeautifulmess) on

Undoubtedly one of the coolest DIY blogs out there today! A Beautiful Mess is sisters Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman’s company aimed at promoting a homemade lifestyle. From eclectic home decor tutorials, colourful recipes for all seasons, and unique upcycled fashion and craft DIYs, there’s never a dull moment in this uber colourful corner of the Internet.

3. Upcyclista

A veritable treasure trove of upcycling inspiration. Upcyclista collaborates with designers and upcyclers across the world to bring the culture of upcycling to the mainstream, celebrate innovative design, and facilitate the move to a circular economy. The rain jackets fashioned out of used tents and the sweater pants (“swants”) had us floored.

4. Recycled Fashion

Check out @duckinyellow ‘s graduation gown makeover! A photo posted by Erica Louise (@recycledfashion) on

Recycled Fashion is a sustainable fashion blog dedicated to all things vintage, thrifted, recycled, DIYed, ethical, fair trade, and second hand. In an exclusive section called ‘DIY Refashion’, blogger Erica Louise guides readers with step-by-step tutorials that will have you well on your way to repurposing your existing garments into unique fashion pieces in no time.

5. Refashion Nation

A museum of creativity that is your one stop shop for all the advice on thifting, upcycled fashion tutorials, and fun design ideas, Refashion Nation hosts well curated content from contributors across the world. The brainchild of avid upcycler and award winning DIY blogger Sheri Pavlovic, the blog is pretty neat resource for that much needed wardrobe makeover.

6. Trash to Couture

#diy kilt from scarf. Supplies: $1 scarf and 50 cent zipper.   A photo posted by trashtocouture (@trashtocouture) on

Trash to Couture was started by seamstress and designer Lauren Conrad to share her sewing projects accompanied by tutorials and images before and after the process. Lauren is known for revamping thrift store finds and hand-me-downs into chic outfits that she either donates to charity or recycles further. The Grandma’s doily top is sure to turn a few heads while being a sustainable, less wasteful fashion choice.

7. A Pair and a Spare DIY

From turning your dad’s old shirt into a cute, off-shoulder dress to a super smart under-one-hour wrap skirt tutorial, Geneva Vanderzeil will knock your socks off with her DIYing talent. There’s a ton of other cool stuff on her site as well that will keep you busy all year round.

8. Civilian Style

Check out their upcycled tees and fashion accessories and use their DIY guides to create guilt-free designs that are trendy and kind to your pockets. Their budget-friendly hacks will help you reinvent those hand-me-downs and give your friends some serious wardrobe envy.

 9. I Spy DIY

‘When you spot style you love, rather than heading off to buy it, DIY!’, is the message of this blog written by Jenni Radesvich. Nominated for best DIY blog for Bloglovin’s 2015 awards, I Spy DIY is all you will ever need to find that DIY inspiration. The blog has a compilation of great resources including videos, design ideas, DIY kits and tutorials that can be quite helpful in your next project.

Do you have any favourite DIY fashion blogs? Share them with us!



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