[Grandma’s Wisdom Contest] Home made kajal that’s also infant-friendly

Aparna Ramachandran shares how you can make kajal using simple ingredients like ghee, lamp with a wick, and a matchbox.

-By Aparna Ramachandran

Having become a second time mom earlier this month to a little girl, it is a more relaxed experience this time with my child, knowing what to expect in terms of sleep/feed/wakeup schedules!

Excited to have another new born at home, we wanted to start applying a little black dot on her forehead and cheek. Since we were skeptical to use the store bought eyeliners/kaajal due to the tenderness of the new born’s skin, we started exploring alternatives. My mother remembered a method where her grandma used to make kaajal at home using empty coconut shells.

We used a slightly modified version of the same.

Things you need

  1. Lamp with a lid
  2. Cotton wick
  3. Ghee
  4. Matchbox
  5. A small box to collect the kaajal (Mai koodu)
Diya with Lid and Wick

Diya with Lid and Wick


Dip the cotton wick in ghee, and place it in the lamp. Fill the lamp with ghee. Light the cotton wick. Cover the lamp with its lid. Leave it burning for a few hours. Remove the lid (Be careful, it might be hot). The fumes from the lamp get collected on the top portion of the lid. Take a drop of ghee on your finger and extract the black deposits from the top. Store it in the small box and use when required.

Mai Koodu to store your kajal

Mai Koodu to store your kajal

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  • Prasad

    You say – “fill the lamp with ghee”. How much ghee is required? Just enough to cover the wick?