How I went vegan: ‘It turns you conscious about yourself and how you’re treating others’

“It’s about how you live, you also see what you’re contributing back. You have to be concerned about your environment, and not just socially.”

By Akanksha

I work in an open source company in Pune and have been vegan for the past three years.

It was a period of transition in my life when it happened. I was already making life choices. I used to work with social organizations on a volunteer basis. That’s when the question triggered: I was trying to help one particular group of living beings at the cost of what? I was also pro-equality and pro-rights, so that’s how the switch happened. And being environmentally conscious for a long time now, at least for five years, I wasn’t using any personal transport vehicles to try to cut down on my footprint, so veganism made sense to me.

It’s about how you live, and you also see what you’re contributing back. You have to be concerned about your environment, and not just socially. That’s what makes me go through these changes; to live as sustainability as possible. When I came to see videos of animal cruelty that happens in dairy and poultry industry, that was it for me. I wasn’t aware of these reasons before.

A cow being dehorned
Pic – Wikimedia Commons

It happened one by one: consciously, I would step from one thing to the other. So for me it didn’t seem to be difficult. I was born and brought up  on curd and milk, but once you’re aware of what happens to animals to give you what you have on your plate, what you’re eating is not food, it’s torture on the table. For me, I didn’t even feel like looking at those things. It was a switch in the mind that happened. It wasn’t so difficult by habit either, and I wish I’d been introduced to veganism earlier.

It makes you very conscious about yourself and how you’re treating others. Personally, it really improved my health.


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  • IncredibleIndia

    i have this question which is bothering me for a long time,no doubt killing animals for food cannot be justified,what about killing plants,how can we justify that,afterall they too are living beings

  • narayan

    One does not have to be a vegan to be conscious about ourselves and how we treat others. I hear this kind of nonsense from many of my vegan friends, who have no clue to their health or ethical beliefs.

    For the vegans who chew just sprouted grains in their mouth, do they understand how cruel it is to crush that gentle, fresh life inside their mouth (by the same cruelty argument)?

    I avoid milk and many dairy products because, my body does not want/need them; however, I believe it is my duty to promote milk and dairy that is produced organically and traditionally for better caring of those animals, prevent slaughtering, provide livelihoods to farmers and nutrition to our children.