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#forwardfashion brings together experts, practitioners, and consumers of fashion products to discuss the current state of the global fashion industry and whether it is important for us to care about what we wear.

Tweetchat on Nov 20


The global fast fashion industry is famously one of the most polluting and, with a growing focus on cheap, mass produced goods, also one of the most unregulated. Fortunately, with as the consumer base world over becomes more informed and aware, looking beyond affordability and convenience to value ethical and sustainably produced fashion, pressure is mounting on global fashion conglomerates to up their commitment to sustainable, fair practices.

Domestic brands like Bhu:sattva have established themselves as forerunners in the space of safe, organic fashion and a just value chain.

Join The Alternative ( twitter handle: @_thealternative) and Bhu:sattva on Friday, November 20th between 4:00 pm and 5:00 pm for a tweetchat on Sustainable Fashion. Participate using #forwardfashion.


The Sustainable Fashion Hub is a series that examines shifts in the the global fashion industry to more sustainable and ethical practices and processes, with a special focus on India. It explores what goes into creating a just and sustainable fashion value chain – from the creation of garments and lifestyle accessories to making them available to consumers. All content on the hub is produced with 100% editorial independence by The Alternative. 

The Hub is supported by logo, India’s first certified organic fashion designer brand in India. With products that are directly sourced from organic cotton farmers at fair trade terms. Bhu:Sattva® uses natural colours, vegetable and herb dyes and goes further to work on reviving various forms of traditional weaving and handloom. Information on its products and processes can be found at


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