Lucknow for the love of Kebabs

[In the City] Kebabs in Lucknow is the stuff that legends are made of both in gastronomic culture of the city and its traditional history.

There is no sincerer love than the love of food, George Bernard Shaw once us yet another reason to believe that he was indeed a genius. Each food across the globe has lovers in its own territory but there are few which enjoy a global patronage! Kebabs & more so from Lucknow, India are one of the lucky ones! For the uninitiated, Kebab is a dish made from meat, tomatoes, onions etc. This etc bit is the secret ingredient of the popular food joints preparing kebabs! So a peek into some of the most famous Kebab outlets in Lucknow which promise you a taste for a lifetime!

Tunday Kebabi

One of the most popular kebab joints which has been serving localites and visitors alike for more than a century. Started by the Late Haji Murad Ali, the shop was named Tundey which means one arm because Ali sahib prepared kebabs only with one hand due to an unfortunate kite flying accident in which he had lost one of his arm. But the magic of his recipe remains one of the important reasons to which their popularity may well be attributed as it rules the fortune of the third generation, adds his grandson & the current proprietor Mohammad Usman. Based at Akbari gate and Aminabad, soon Kapoorthala would have their third outlet. Going strong with typically two kebabs namely mutton & beef kebab, Tundey Kebabi prefers quality over variety. Their belief has ensured that they are a favourite across all classes just because of their finger licking servings which also include mutton biryani, korma, chicken masala and tandoori chicken all of which are reasonably priced. A platter with two pieces of Mutton & Beef Kebab each, prepared in traditional unani spices, alongwith your choice of breads, be it, Parantha, Roti or Sheermaal (saffron flavoured sweet traditional flat bread) will surely leave you asking for more! Celebrities and foreigners swear by the place already. Next is your turn!

Oldest Kebab makers of Lucknow!


As the name suggests, it is a place where a group of people sit down (not on carpets anymore) but on chairs, to enjoy various Kebab varieties. Centrally located, you will always see groups of youngster thronging the place to have more fun with some lip smacking kebabs. There is Shami Kebab, which is a mixed preparation of 20% Bengal gram and 80% of minced lamb meat; Gulawat Kebab that is purely made of minced Mutton/ Lamb meat; Seekh Kebabs that are roasted and fried may be best known as the original kebabs which were meant to be fried and the fourth variety of Boti Kebab is for those who like to eat slowly enjoying each piece of numerous boneless mutton in their serving. Dastarkhwan which has already celebrated its silver jubilee swear by the founder Arshi Jamal’s kebabs & so have strictly had each of his four sons taking charge of the kebab preparation at its four centres situated at Hazratganj, Lalbagh, Gomtinagar and Indiranagar.

Shahi Chicken Masala!

Some more popular places to enjoy some of the most mouth watering kebabs are Naushijaan Kebabi with a tempting biryani and kebab menu, Zeeshan Biryani Corner which specialises in Galawati kebabs.

This apart from the old Lucknow, Chowk area & almost every nook and corner would have a special kebab chef who would be offering you a variety of kebabs. So, a few more popular types to treat your taste buds are Patili ke kebabs to Kakori, Kathi, Ghutwa, Seena, Tandoori, Tangdi, Samak etc. If you are a vegetarian, wondering, why Lucknow is mean to your group? Lo behold! Lucknow is kind to all & so you are equally blessed! Choose from a variety of Arbi, Kathal, Rajma, Dalcha, Jimmykand and many more veggie kebabs.

Sheermal v/s Paratha, popular accompaniments to Kebabs

For those who are a little sceptical about the health quotient, be rest assured that right from the spices to the other ingredients of Lucknowi kebab, your digestion quotient will only get better with it. The thought is shared not only by the makers of these kebabs but also the lucky food lovers who have had the privilege to experience the unique taste of Lucknow or should I say kebabs!

A childhood joke which comes to mind immediately is “Nawab ka beta Kebab to khayega” meaning if you are royal, you can’t miss having THE Kebabs!

Enjoy your prized plate of Kebabs firstly by treating your senses to its AROMA and then proceeding with dipping the kebabs in the chutney served. This would be surely followed by closing your eyes and thanking the chef or maybe you would have just lost yourself relishing one of the most memorable food ever tasted!

Shubha Singh likes to sing! Her passion for music made her a RJ. Creativity and a different thought process has ensured that the Media industry (Print, TV, Radio) &amp more


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Shubha Singh likes to sing! Her passion for music made her a RJ. Creativity and a different thought process has ensured that the Media industry (Print, TV, Radio) &amp more

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  • Even if I wasn’t hungry and working late, I’d be drooling all over this article!!
    Wow! Kebabs are one of my favorite dishes and it’s brilliant to hear about their popularity and the work that goes into their making – beyond just business, as a culinary art.
    Lucknow and the Lucknowi Kebeb shops call me too!!

  • Saiba

    Need to go to Lucknow now! Hungry 🙁

    • Shubha Singh

      So you came/ are coming tomorrow? 😉 Don’t be hungry for long!

  • Interesting subject and a mouthwatering presentation! Would have liked a meatier slice of the vegetarian information though. Lucknow seems to be all the more interesting now and the next destination on my personal radar.

  • Nandan

    The hardest thing to describe in the written or spoken form is the taste of mind blowing food! Well done Ma’am! You have done a great job with this! Looking forward to reading some more!

    • Shubha Singh

      Thanks Nandan. You truly deserve kebabs for the insight shared! Hope for more publications!

  • I ma desperately trying to stick to a diet ! but your article has makes it absolutely difficult 🙂

  • Vicky Nadar

    In the name of Allah, Jesus, Ram & my favorite KABAB’s…….I would love to start with Reshmi Kabab which means “Soft like Silk Kabab’s”….which has a mouth watery essence and mouthful piece of each Kabab is full of delightful taste which comes in various other cousins [Name & Specialties].I had my first Reshmi kabab when i was 8 or 9 year old i guess i was in 2 grade. The taste is still in my mind and on my tongue. Lucknow is the Place from where it became famous and till date it is the headquarters of Kabab’s…You can also call it as KABAB ka BAAP.