Man from Chennai gets up at 4 everyday spending 40% of his income on feeding 4000 parrots

Living a compassionate life is everybody’s duty, says “The Birdman from Chennai”.

Sekar wakes up at 4 every morning, and by 6 am, hundreds of birds fly in to feed on the rice prepared by him. This simple, camera mechanic spends close to 40 percent of his monthly income to cater for around 3000 (4000 during the monsoons) birds every day.

In this fast moving world, how often do we find time to stop and think let alone providing for someone other than ourselves and our family. Sekar lives and works in Chennai and has been feeding these wandering creatures for ten years now. He believes that there comes a time in an individual’s life where they have everything they need and ever wanted and that is when the need to serve those around them transpires. The video goes to show how one act of kindness done everyday for a decade can make a difference.


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